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Lighting for Laborers - LED Lighting Increases Work Productivity

By Lauren Perfetto September 5, 2016 4837 Views No comments

Nearly 130 years ago, America began honoring the contributions of its workers with the introduction of Labor Day. In the late 19th century, working conditions in the United States were poor - with the most accidents out of any other industrial country. Labor Day sought to change that throughout the workforce.


Workplace Safety Training Impacts the Bottom Line

By Lauren Perfetto August 29, 2016 4413 Views No comments

Keeping a business afloat can be a challenge in today’s economy. With September being National Preparedness Month, e-conolight wanted to share some tips on keeping your employees safe on the job site, while maintaining your bottom line.


Inforgraphic: e-conolight & Cree

By Lauren Perfetto July 15, 2016 5993 Views No comments

LED Lighting Earns Straight A’s in the Classroom

By Lauren Perfetto July 8, 2016 4410 Views No comments



Infographic: Parking Lot Lighting: Safety by the Numbers | e-conolight

By Lauren Perfetto June 29, 2016 5756 Views No comments

Reduce crime rates with parking lot lighting! According to a study conducted by The Campbell Collaboration, crime rates are significantly decreased when proper area lighting is installed. Lack of parking lot lighting can cause a myriad of problems for civilians.

Safety First: Choose Well-lit Areas for 4th of July Celebrations

By Lauren Perfetto June 27, 2016 3864 Views No comments

July is National Parks and Recreation Month, making local and state parks the perfect setting to observe Independence Day this year! But, keep in mind, safety is an important aspect of any celebration.

Shine Bright: Red, White and Blue

By Lauren Perfetto June 10, 2016 5059 Views No comments

Flag Day is here, and what better way to show off your stars and stripes than with e-conolight products. Since its creation in 1777, the American flag has undergone 27 variations, but one thing is for sure – no matter the design, the American flag will never go out of style.

Infographic: Correlated Color Temperature Comparison | e-conolight

By Ashley Henry May 23, 2016 4057 Views No comments

How To Use Correlated Color Temperature

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is a measurement in Kelvin (K) that indicates the color of light an LED emits. Higher Kelvin temperatures result in cooler, blue tones, while lower Kelvin temperatures result in warmer, yellow tones.

How should you choose your LED color temperature? Based on what people generally respond best to:

  • 2700K is soft white in color, friendly and comfortable.
  • 3000K is warm white in color, pleasing and clean. 3000K with a high CRI is suited for interior lighting, such as a home.
  • 4000K is neutral white in color, inviting and balanced.
  • 5000K is cool white in color, bright and crisp. 5000K with a high CRI is suited for outdoor lighting, such as a parking lot.

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LEDs: Paving the Way for Environmental Friendliness

By Lauren Perfetto April 22, 2016 4495 Views No comments

Celebrate the 46th annual Earth Day with e-conolight and our LED fixtures! Every year LEDs grow in popularity and use, making a big impact on the environment around us. In fact, if we replaced incandescent lamps with LEDs over the next twenty years we could...

Infographic: Slim Wall Pack Floods | e-conolight

By Ashley Henry April 1, 2016 4325 Views No comments

Exceptional Illumination with LED Wall Pack Lighting


Our E-WF1 Series LED Wall Pack / Floodlights provide exceptional illumination with a consistent look. This fixture is a great way to enhance your building perimeter.

See the table below for our LED Wall Pack / Floodlight fixtures and accessories:


Required Accessory

Mounting Height


Wall Mounted Floodlight

Adjustable U-Bracket

10 to 12 feet

1 to 2 times the Mounting Height

Pole Mounted Floodlight

2” Adjustable Slip Fitter

10 to 12 feet

1 to 2 times the Mounting Height

Ground Mounted Floodlight

½” NPS Swivel Fitter

Ground level

Where appropriate to highlight features

Wall Mounted LED Wall Pack

Surface Mounting Box

9 to 10 feet

1 to 2 times the Mounting Height


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