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LEDs: Paving the Way for Environmental Friendliness

By Lauren Perfetto April 22, 2016 4495 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Celebrate the 46th annual Earth Day with e-conolight and our LED fixtures! Every year LEDs grow in popularity and use, making a big impact on the environment around us. In fact, if we replaced incandescent lamps with LEDs over the next twenty years we could:

  • Inhibit 40 new power plants from being created

  • Yield billions in energy savings


At e-conolight, we have a variety of fixtures to fit your specific job needs. Looking to be extra energy-efficient this Earth Day? Try our ENERGY STAR® rated Surface Lighting fixtures - they use 75% less energy than their HID counterparts, which will leave you with a smaller carbon footprint.


Better yet, you can have peace of mind knowing that e-conolight LED fixtures are free of mercury (found in traditional lamps). We recommend going with our new E-SBA Series. This trendy shoebox-style area light is the perfect Earth Day purchase, as it packs a big punch & uses 50% less energy than 250W PSMH.


Let e-conolight help you reduce your energy while saving big. Purchase an e-conolight fixture and see the Earth Day impact that will last all year long.


Sources: Green America, U.S. Department of Energy, Lighting Resource Center

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