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Upgrading to LED Lighting Increases Energy Efficiency, Decreases Costs

By Heather Asiyanbi April 23, 2014 2490 Views No comments

Increasing the energy efficiency in your home doesn’t mean sacrificing high style or breaking the bank. The evolution and increasing familiarity of LED lighting over the last several years means homeowners can swap their traditional lighting schemes indoor and out for brighter light at bigger savings.


LED recessed cans in kitchen

Recessed lighting took kitchen design by storm a few years ago, but recent regulations that limit the manufacture and  importing of incandescent bulbs mean the change to more efficient lighting will happen sooner rather than later. New 14W LED recessed retrofit kits offered by e-conolight make the transition smooth because they fit into most existing 5” and 6” recessed housings. Kits include a long-lasting LED lamp that provides bright light at considerable savings.

Track lighting has also come a long way since the chunky units of the 1970s. From high-style residential track heads with an industrial twist to sleek units that fit in nicely with almost any décor, LED track lights offered by e-conolight deliver bright light, true colors and keep a low profile. Homeowners can highlight architectural details, spotlight great pieces of art or use the new track lighting for general illumination instead of traditional ceiling-mount fixtures and/or table lamps. 

Brighten up basements without the headache of replacing existing T-bar ceiling structures with drop-in LED troffers, now in a convenient 1x4 size at e-conolight.com. Because LED troffers can be up to 70 percent brighter and use less energy than fluorescent tubes, fewer fixtures are needed overall. Homeowners end up saving time and money.


Saving money with more efficient LED lighting isn’t limited to indoor ideas. Homeowners can light up walkways, create the perfect backdrop for enjoying an evening outside, highlight landscaping and more.

LED wall packs offered by e-conolight are ideal lighting fixtures for exterior walls on both homes and garages. Some models include a cutoff glare shield to direct light down to the ground, where it’s needed. They can also throw light to both sides, increasing visibility along driveways and walkways with minimal glare, which is important to help keep the peace with neighbors. 

2000 Lumen 38W LED Wall Pack

Backyard decks can be fantastic entertainment spaces, but the fun shouldn’t be limited to daytime because homeowners are afraid of attracting bugs if they install lights. LED flexible strip lighting is the ideal solution because the strips are flexible and fit nicely underneath top rails. LED strips are also completely sealed, and, unlike traditional bulbs, LED lighting doesn’t attract bugs so the party doesn’t have to move inside after the sun goes down.

Curb appeal doesn’t need to fade into the shadows at nightfall. LED decorative sconces from e-conolight.com shine light up, down or in both directions and highlight pretty features in the yard and nice architectural touches at the same time. Homeowners who want to add a little more style to walkway lighting and entryways will find that sconces are an attractive and energy cost saving way to go. 

Connecticut Utility Lighting Rebates Add Up to Bigger, Brighter Savings

By Heather Asiyanbi April 8, 2014 2471 Views No comments


Product NameFinished Good Number
2x2 LED Troffer
2x4 LED Troffer 5" & 6" LED
Recessed Retrofit
E-T6C1142WW E-T6C1143WW Low-Profile
LED Canopy
E-CP2L04CW E-CP2L03CW E-CP2L04CS LED Parking
Garage Light
Linear Fluorescents
E-LP2T8W Series E-LP2T8S Series 4-Lamp T8
Linear Fluorescents
E-LP4T8W Series E-LP4T8S Series

Utility customers in Connecticut who upgrade their lighting to more energy efficient fixtures can reap rewards on both their energy bills and through rebate incentives.

Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating both offer significant rebates for reducing wattages by at least 10 percent. Taking advantage of this program is as easy as filling out a form.

The form and instructions are easily accessible through an online PDF that can be filled out on a computer and then printed. UI customers should take note that an additional UI Substitute W9 is required and can be found at www.uinet.com/hvac.

Section I: Customer Facility Information is the project information, where you fill in your customer's information. Every box must be filled out in order for the rebate form to receive consideration.


Section II: Enter your information, filling out every box with the applicable information.


Section III: Check the appropriate box for where the rebate/credit should go; to your customer; to you; or applied as a credit on your customer's electric account.


Section IV: One side of the table is dedicated to your project's current lighting scheme while the other side of the table needs to include all available information about the new lighting scheme you're installing. The measure code can be found on page 3 of the form. THERE MUST BE AT LEAST A 10% WATTAGE REDUCTION FOR EACH FIXTURE FOR THE REBATE TO APPLY.


In addition to the rebate form, contractors/customers need to mail a copy of the invoice for the project as well as their e-conolight receipt. The rebate form requires a customer's signature (this could be either the contractor or the customer's if they are placing the order themselves).

DLC and ENERGY STAR: Why Qualification Matters

By Heather Asiyanbi April 2, 2014 3444 Views No comments

If you’ve been shopping e-conolight for any amount of time, chances are you’ve encountered the DLC and ENERGY STAR badges on a few products. But … do you know what they mean?

DLC BadgeBoth the DLC and ENERGY STAR badges help customers identify quality and long-lasting products for commercial (DLC) and residential (ENERGY STAR) applications.

DLC (Design Lights Consortium) is well-known in commercial circles for lighting products primarily used outside. 

Receiving the DLC certification is not an easy process; benchmarks for quality are tough to meet, and only items that go through rigorous third-party testing to meet those marks get qualified. For example, many fixtures must operate at 70 percent lumen maintenance or above for a minimum of 50,000 hours and offer a five-year warranty.

Customers who choose DLC-certified light fixtures for their commercial application are also eligible for utility rebates in many states.* 

ENERGY STAR rates indoor residential items including lighting and appliances.

ENERGY STARProducts that qualify for the ENERGY STAR badge are also tested by approved third-party facilities. Those that meet ENERGY STAR standards for pollution reduction and increased energy cost savings receive the distinctive blue badge.

Residential customers can also take advantage of utility company rebates in several states when they purchase ENERGY STAR appliances for their homes.*

DLC and ENERGY STAR products on e-conolight.com:

*Utility rebates vary by state and company. Customers should check with their utility for eligibility rules.

LED Recessed Retrofits: Customer & Electrician Pleased with Final Result

By Heather Asiyanbi March 24, 2014 2341 Views No comments

LED recessed retrofit

Upgrading existing can lighting is a snap with LED 5" and 6" recessed retrofit kits.

Valade Electric & Green Energy installed the kits offered by e-conlight for a customer in Indiana.

"The customer loves them," said company owner Alan Valade. "They're efficient at a great price."

Using LEDs to Fight Light Pollution, One Wall Pack at a Time

By Heather Asiyanbi March 14, 2014 2346 Views No comments
LED wall packs at Foster-Jacob

Company leaders at Foster-Jacob, Inc. in Peoria, IL, are investing in energy efficiency and reducing light pollution with LED wall packs offered by e-conolight

Foster-Jacob has a number of exterior wall packs on its building that are aging and contributing to local light pollution by splashing light up and into the night instead of down onto driveways and sidewalks. Those fixtures are being replaced with LED wall packs.

Company Vice President Emily Jacob is leading the charge because she believes in the future of LED.

“I like LED technology and the color the lights give off,” she said. “We know e-conolight LED products, and we are using them to save money on our energy bills.”

Crews have been installing LED wall packs offered by e-conolight for their customers for quite some time so company leaders were familiar with the product quality and service that is part of the e-conolight customer experience.

Jacob is also a photographer who specializes in nighttime backdrops, and she is a member of the International Dark Sky Association, an organization dedicated to preserving views of the night sky. She said switching out the company’s existing wall packs with LEDs helps her live her belief in limiting light pollution.

“I’m really passionate about what the IDA is trying to do so I’m pushing my ideas on everyone here,” Jacob said with a chuckle. “Using LEDs saves money on energy costs and the design of the light keeps the beam pointing down and not into the sky.”

The plan is to keep replacing exterior wall fixtures with LED wall packs offered by e-conolight as needed, she added.