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Fall LED Lighting Maintenance

By Ashley Henry September 14, 2015 2340 Views No comments

With fall on its way, now is a great time for lighting maintenance around your home or business. Programs like ENERGY STAR® recommend annual equipment checkups to help extend the life of your fixtures, prevent future issues and reduce associated costs.

Connecticut Utility Lighting Rebates Add Up to Bigger, Brighter Savings

By Heather Asiyanbi April 8, 2014 2471 Views No comments


Product NameFinished Good Number
2x2 LED Troffer
2x4 LED Troffer 5" & 6" LED
Recessed Retrofit
E-T6C1142WW E-T6C1143WW Low-Profile
LED Canopy
E-CP2L04CW E-CP2L03CW E-CP2L04CS LED Parking
Garage Light
Linear Fluorescents
E-LP2T8W Series E-LP2T8S Series 4-Lamp T8
Linear Fluorescents
E-LP4T8W Series E-LP4T8S Series

Utility customers in Connecticut who upgrade their lighting to more energy efficient fixtures can reap rewards on both their energy bills and through rebate incentives.

Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating both offer significant rebates for reducing wattages by at least 10 percent. Taking advantage of this program is as easy as filling out a form.

The form and instructions are easily accessible through an online PDF that can be filled out on a computer and then printed. UI customers should take note that an additional UI Substitute W9 is required and can be found at www.uinet.com/hvac.

Section I: Customer Facility Information is the project information, where you fill in your customer's information. Every box must be filled out in order for the rebate form to receive consideration.


Section II: Enter your information, filling out every box with the applicable information.


Section III: Check the appropriate box for where the rebate/credit should go; to your customer; to you; or applied as a credit on your customer's electric account.


Section IV: One side of the table is dedicated to your project's current lighting scheme while the other side of the table needs to include all available information about the new lighting scheme you're installing. The measure code can be found on page 3 of the form. THERE MUST BE AT LEAST A 10% WATTAGE REDUCTION FOR EACH FIXTURE FOR THE REBATE TO APPLY.


In addition to the rebate form, contractors/customers need to mail a copy of the invoice for the project as well as their e-conolight receipt. The rebate form requires a customer's signature (this could be either the contractor or the customer's if they are placing the order themselves).

DLC and ENERGY STAR: Why Qualification Matters

By Heather Asiyanbi April 2, 2014 3444 Views No comments

If you’ve been shopping e-conolight for any amount of time, chances are you’ve encountered the DLC and ENERGY STAR badges on a few products. But … do you know what they mean?

DLC BadgeBoth the DLC and ENERGY STAR badges help customers identify quality and long-lasting products for commercial (DLC) and residential (ENERGY STAR) applications.

DLC (Design Lights Consortium) is well-known in commercial circles for lighting products primarily used outside. 

Receiving the DLC certification is not an easy process; benchmarks for quality are tough to meet, and only items that go through rigorous third-party testing to meet those marks get qualified. For example, many fixtures must operate at 70 percent lumen maintenance or above for a minimum of 50,000 hours and offer a five-year warranty.

Customers who choose DLC-certified light fixtures for their commercial application are also eligible for utility rebates in many states.* 

ENERGY STAR rates indoor residential items including lighting and appliances.

ENERGY STARProducts that qualify for the ENERGY STAR badge are also tested by approved third-party facilities. Those that meet ENERGY STAR standards for pollution reduction and increased energy cost savings receive the distinctive blue badge.

Residential customers can also take advantage of utility company rebates in several states when they purchase ENERGY STAR appliances for their homes.*

DLC and ENERGY STAR products on e-conolight.com:

*Utility rebates vary by state and company. Customers should check with their utility for eligibility rules.