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5-Star Favorites: Customers Say LED Outdoor is the Ideal Nightlight

By Heather Asiyanbi September 23, 2014 4955 Views No comments

5-star LED favorites













Customers on e-conolight.com are posting five-star reviews for several LED outdoor fixtures they say really deliver. The most highly-rated LED fixture by far is the 36 watt LED dusk to dawn, but large LED floodlights, large LED wall packs, and LED canopy lights are also garnering rave reviews for the amount of light they deliver, durable design and energy efficiency.

Since e-conolight introduced the 36 watt LED dusk to dawn late last year, the fixture has become a customer favorite for its reliable bright light, sturdy construction, hands-free operation and affordability.

The entrance to a church in South Carolina is safer now that an LED dusk to dawn has been installed.

“Now the area is very bright and safe,” the customer who installed the light wrote. “I would buy this product again if I need to. (It was) worth every penny.”

Another customer’s first LED purchase was the LED dusk to dawn, and he was so impressed, he’s urging other customers to give it a try.

“Now my light is bright white and looks modern,” he posted. “Anybody that’s on the fence about switching to LED, this is the light for you.”

When it comes to the large LED floodlight, customers are just as enthusiastic.

“Glad to get rid of the old slow start, heat-generating ballasted old technology,” a review reads for the 7000 lumen 152 watt large LED floodlight.

Another post reads, “Had fluorescent lights everywhere (and) started to replace them with these. Love it.”

Large 6000 lumen LED wall packs are also highly rated; receiving top marks across the board.

“Wow, what a difference,” one customer posted. “Easy mount, easy wire, quick fire on, and very bright.”

A customer in the marine construction industry appreciates the LED wall pack fixtures because they stand up to challenging on-board conditions.

“This wall pack throws light where I need it (and is) a great replacement for incandescent and CFL standing lights around the deck house,” the review says. “Also, not something I have to replace very couple of days like incandescent lights due to the amount of vibration we have onboard.”

An electrician in Texas installed two of the 3700 lumen LED wall packs on the columns at the entrance to a subdivision. He said residents are pleased with the overall quality of the fixtures.

“All residents (are) extremely satisfied (with the) quality lighting with the added plus of law amp draw and energy efficiency,” he posted. “(I) will soon be recommending and installing many more.”

Customers are also unanimous in their praise for the 3350 lumen 36 watt neutral white LED canopy light.

“I’ve been buying these fixtures for several months now, and they have been the best replacement fixtures for all of our applications,” a review reads from a customer who works for a school district in Texas.

Another post points out how bright the fixtures are while using less energy than comparable metal halide lights.

“Replaced 100 watt metal halide, and they are just as bright and use way less energy,” the customer posted. “(This is an) affordable, great product.”

A shop owner in Wisconsin’s north woods installed two LED canopy fixtures in his store, and he couldn’t be happier despite being a little leary of taking the leap to LED.

“(I) could not be happier with the light they produce,” he said. “I was a little hesitant before I placed my order, but now I am awfully glad that I ordered these lights. This is an excellent product!”

Leaving a review about a product featured at e-conolight.com is easy, welcome and encouraged; just click the “Review” tab on the product information page and the green, “Write a review” box.

LED Lighting Helps Restaurants Give Good Presentation

By Heather Asiyanbi September 5, 2014 3397 Views No comments

Restaurant front of houseThe right restaurant lighting can make the difference between guests who linger – and spend more – and those who eat and run. E-conolight offers a number of LED fixtures appropriate for restaurant applications both inside and out where color and tone are critical.

In the dining room, dimmable recessed lighting and track lighting can create exactly the right atmosphere for guests. Turn lights up for daytime and early evening dining and bring them down again for more intimate affairs. LED lamps can be used in pendant lighting over individual tables to provide warm, white light that upgrades any dining experience.

The National Restaurant Association, in a post dedicated to front-of-house operations, advises restaurateurs to carefully apply lighting to highlight the eatery’s personality, make guests look great and create just the right atmosphere. The writer also points out the value in dimmable fixtures.

“Lighting can set the mood in your restaurant, creating a soothing ambience that encourages customers to linger … You want people to look their best, so they’ll stay longer and buy more,” the story reads. “Use dimmable lights to allow you to adjust the lighting as needed … (there’s) a different feel at lunch than at dinner than at late night.”

LED lay-in troffers in the kitchen provide bright, even light in sealed, maintenance-free designs that are easy to clean. Sous chefs can prepare ingredients for cooks and executive chefs know they have the right textures and colors. Because the troffer lights are designed for 1-for-1 replacement in existing T-bar ceiling grids, upgrading to LED from fluorescent light panels is a snap.

Barry Dickinson, service manager with Roman Electric, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI, said restaurant customers who install LED troffers are happy with them.

“They come in three sizes, which is great especially in restaurants,” he said. “They’re easy to install and easy to clean.”

The NRA in a recent post about the back-of-house noted that switching to LED is an investment in long-term savings both in energy costs and not having to replace burned out lamps.

“With their reduced heat load, LEDs can lower your cooling costs, especially crucial in warmer climes,” the article reads. “Because LED bulbs last for years, you’ll have fewer lights to change.”

LED directional floodlight at Olive Garden

Energy efficiency and great style begin before diners walk in the door, and the right outdoor lighting scheme is also crucial for leaving a great last impression as well.

Russell Guddex, manager of an Olive Garden restaurant in Brookfield, WI, chose LED premium directional floodlights for both security and landscape lighting. The combination of safety and beauty welcomes guests with the right amount warm illumination.

“The light is vibrant and bright,” he said. “The way (the LED light fixtures) wash the sides of the building and highlight the tressels is fantastic.”

LED wall packs and canopy lights make guests feel more secure by providing bright light along pathways and eliminating shadows along exterior walls. LED floodlights and parking lights improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians for even greater security.

Small LED Floodlight Highlights Beautiful Florida Landscape

By Heather Asiyanbi July 17, 2014 2686 Views No comments

Small LED Floodlight in Florida

Former Long Island, NY, resident Stephen Wolf moved to Florida to enjoy the sunshine and year-round growing season so he’s not about to let nightfall ruin a good view of his gardens. Wolf is installing small LED floodlights offered by e-conolight in strategic locations throughout his yard to highlight the bright hues and varied textures even after dark.

Though the floodlights are also good for security lighting, Wolf said he is using them only for landscaping.

“These fixtures are strictly for the beauty of the landscaping,” he stated.

Wolf said the 4000K neutral white LED option  provides light that is neither too warm nor too white.

“Anything lower than 4000K is too yellow and takes away from some of the flowers,” he explained. “On the other side, anything higher washes out the color.”

Small LED floodlight - DayThe first order of four small LED floodlights arrived at Wolf's home last spring, and he said he’s getting ready to order four more.

“I am extremely pleased with these lights,” he added. “E-conolight has economically priced these fixtures very nicely and seems to have a good line of LED products.”  four more. The LEDs are replacing incandescent fixtures that Wolf said just don’t hold up in the Florida sunshine and humidity.

Wolf said he’s taken his e-conolight catalog to the office of his Home Owner’s Association to try and convince them of the benefits of LED fixtures, and he hopes to start seeing LED lights around his subdivision soon.

Worship Spaces: The Right Lighting Inside and Out

By Heather Asiyanbi June 4, 2014 2288 Views No comments

Lighting worship spaces

Choosing the right lighting for worship spaces is critical for creating the appropriate mood for worship, prayer, and celebration. E-conolight offers a full line of LED fixtures to highlight important features outside while enhancing the right mood inside.

Inside, dimmable fixtures like LED recessed retrofit kits and track lights provide bright light for celebrations as well as low light for occasions when lighting needs to be a little more subtle.

Outside, LED floodlights and spotlights highlight significant architectural details while wall packs, canopy lights and parking fixtures keep walkways and parking lots safe.

Even in places of worship, exit and emergency lighting play an important role. E-conolight features several different models with the reliably bright light congregants expect when seconds might count.

New LED step lights can be recessed into stair risers – both indoor and out – to make steps more secure, and they light up a hallway just enough to avoid relying only on overhead light. Outside, the LED step light adds safety and security without sacrificing style or themes.

Lighting the U.S. Flag with Proper LED Flagpole Lighting

By Heather Asiyanbi May 23, 2014 69986 Views No comments

LED directional floodlight for U.S. flag

American flags dot residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors across the country, and e-conolight offers a variety of LED floodlights and spotlights to show off Old Glory no matter if it’s day or night.

Lighting the U.S. flag is one of the most common uses for floodlights, but there are guidelines. The U.S. Flag Code outlines, for example, the rules for the Pledge of Allegiance, how to show respect for the flag, and the display and use of the flag by civilians. The code went into effect in 1923, but was amended in 1942 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt to include rules for citizens outside of the military and government.

According to the code, the flag should really only be flown between sunrise and sunset on stationary flagstaffs or poles. If the flag is displayed 24 hours a day, it must be lit at all times no matter the direction of the wind.

Benefits of LED Directional Floodlights & LED Spotlights

• Appropriate outdoor fixtures for lighting the American flag after dark
• Provide the bright light required by the flag code
• Half the power consumption of most PSMH and HID floodlights for greater energy cost savings

Choosing Between LED Directional Floodlights & LED Spotlights

There are several important factors that go into lighting a flag, including surrounding ambient light, flagpole height and beam spread.

Ambient light is the general overall light level in any given area. In a well-lit city or neighborhood (high ambient light), a high-output LED Floodlight should be used to counter brighter surroundings. However, in a country or rural setting, with less ambient light, a lower-output LED Floodlight will be equally effective.

Just as ambient light is related to light output, there is a similar correlation between flagpole height, beam spread and light output. Check out our basic guidelines below:

  • 15ʹ poles require a spot beam spread (20˚) and approximately 1600 lumens
  • 20ʹ poles require a spot beam spread (35˚-60˚) and 7200-7700 lumens
  • 25ʹ poles require a spot beam spread (35˚-60˚) and 10,800-27,400 lumens

 Additional Considerations when Choosing LED Flagpole Lighting

  • LED lighting provides better color quality, for brighter, truer colors
  • In most residential applications, a single LED Floodlight will be sufficient
  • Flagpole height should be approximately 3 to 4 times the length of the flag
  • Fixtures should be installed approximately 2ʹ to 5ʹ from the base of the flagpole

For the best LED Floodlights & Spotlights to light your flagpole: 

CUSTOMER FOCUS: Barry Dickinson, Roman Electric

By Heather Asiyanbi May 5, 2014 2636 Views No comments

With over 37 years of experience as an electrician and service manager with Roman Electric, Barry Dickinson knows his way around lighting fixtures. When it comes to recommending products to customers, Dickinson said he most often turns to e-conolight.Barry Dickinson Roman Electric

Not only does he appreciate having the will-call service nearby – Roman Electric is headquartered just a few miles north of e-conolight’s homebase in Sturtevant, WI – Dickinson values e-conolight’s low prices on LED fixtures and forward-thinking product line.

“If e-conolight had not introduced LEDs at the price point they do, I don’t think LED fixtures, in general, would be as popular as they are with our customers, and maybe even across the country,” he said.

Dickinson pointed to the LED lay-in troffers e-conolight offers as an example.

“These come in three sizes, which expands the choice for our customers, and they’re dimmable, which is important because people like to turn lights up and down depending on their use,” he noted.

Restaurant clients, especially, like the troffers because not only are they easy to install, Dickinson added, the units are sealed so cleaning them is a snap.

“E-conolight keeps up-to-date with LED products and brings them to customers so it’s cost-effective for our customers to upgrade,” he said. "Restaurants need to be able to control light for atmosphere and quick, easy cleaning is a must for them."

Recent, Dickinson continued, two customers with older 400W metal halide fixtures were ready to make the switch to LED. Because e-conolight offers a large, premium LED floodlight with a 2” adjustable slip fitter, the projects were priced out as retrofits instead of as a new installs. The difference in pricing is significant because of the lack of fabrication required.

“That slip fitter makes all the difference,” he added. “It allows us to install the floodlights and angle them just right without having to perform a lot of fabrication in the field.”

All-in-all, Dickinson said he’s a big fan of e-conolight and has remained a customer for so many years he can’t remember when he placed his first order.

“(E-conolight) always has something new, and I’m a big fan of the company,” he confirmed. “I can’t wait to get the catalog every month to see what you’ve all come up with.”

Savings with LED Floodlights Add Up Quickly

By Heather Asiyanbi April 25, 2014 2430 Views No comments

When Yogi Patel bought his motel property in Lodi, CA, in Fall 2013, he was ready to switch out the 1,000W parking lot lights to LED fixtures, but he worried about where to find a cost-effective solution.

“I looked around, and other companies were charging $600 or more,” he said.Motel 6 with LED Floodlights

When his contractor recommended e-conolight, Patel did some research and was impressed with both the selection and the prices.

“E-conolight is a very low price compared to others I found. For less than $300 you can’t go wrong,” he said. “The quality of the light is exactly what I needed, and they work perfectly.”

Patel purchased 52 40-degree  7,000 lumen, 152W LED floodlights offered by e-conolight for the motel parking lot and says he saw savings – in both energy and his electric bill – immediately. The original lights ran for 12 hours a day and were using 54,000 watts. His new LED floodlights use only 7,752 watts for those same 12 hours, which netted Patel an $11,500 rebate check from his utility company.

More, Patel also purchased three, 20-degree LED spotlights to wash the roof of the motel and is in the process of replacing staircase fixtures with LED wall mounts, also offered by e-conolight.

“I have put in five LED wall mounts so far, and there are nine more to go,” he added. “As those lights go out, I will replace them with the same wall mounts.”

Patel said he plans to keep converting his legacy fixtures with LED lighting because they’re the future of lighting.

“LEDs are the generation people will go to,” he stated. “And e-conolight will be my first stop going forward.”