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Need Task Lighting? There’s an LED Surface Mount Wrap for That

By Heather Asiyanbi September 15, 2014 4607 Views No comments

LED surface mount wrap lightWith the introduction of a new LED surface mount wrap light, e-conolight now offers the task lighting customers have asked for at an economical price.

The wrap light measures less than 20 inches long and comes in at just 2.2 inches tall so it fits perfectly above folding stations in laundry rooms and in closets. DIYers can count on it to provide the perfect amount of light above work benches, and it makes a nice, low-profile fixture for hallways and mudrooms.

Energy-sapping fluorescent wrap fixtures can be a thing of the past with the new LED wrap light offered by e-conolight. At 2750 lumens and just 37.5 watts, the LED wrap offers bright light at superior energy cost savings. With an estimated life of over 36,000 hours, changing bulbs becomes a thing of the past. More, installation doesn’t require anything other than a 4/0 junction box and a little know-how.

Other features of the new LED surface mount wrap light include compatibility with most dimmers; universal voltage (120V – 277V), durable steel construction, a microprismatic diffuser, Cree LEDs and a five-year limited warranty.

The LED surface mount wrap retails at e-conolight.com for just $109.99.

laundry room for LED surface mount wrap

The Right Office Lighting Improves Performance and Productivity

By Heather Asiyanbi August 8, 2014 2591 Views No comments

LED troffer e-conolight office

Office lighting can be tricky to get right. On the one hand, workers need bright light to do their jobs, but on the other hand, light can’t be too bright or computer screens get washed out and lead to vision fatigue.

E-conolight has a number of LED fixtures to keep employees on task and productive both at their desks and in meetings with colleagues.

LED troffers, track heads and recessed lighting all contribute to a brighter, healthier work environment:

  • Troffers deliver light evenly from overhead without glare, fulfilling general illumination needs.
  • LED track heads are more of an accent layer, perfect in smaller offices and conference rooms because they can highlight significant details or gently wash walls.
  • Recessed lighting is versatile and serves as another layer, providing more targeted light that can also serve as general illumination instead of or in conjunction with troffers and track heads.

Lighting also impacts how employees feel and think about their workspace. By providing LED lighting solutions that improve comfort and productivity, workers keep a more positive outlook from the start of their day until they head home.

LED Lay-In Troffers Just What the Teacher Ordered

By Heather Asiyanbi April 21, 2014 2431 Views No comments

Wisconsin Lutheran School LED trofferStudents in Rachel Nemitz’s 2nd grade class at Wisconsin Lutheran School in Racine, WI, noticed immediately there was something different about their classroom when they reported for the first day of school last fall.

“They looked up and said the room was so bright,” Nemitz remembers.

Leaders of Wisconsin Lutheran last summer swapped out 1-for-1 existing T12 linear fluorescent fixtures for 2x4 LED lay-in troffers offered by e-conolight. Nemitz said the difference in the quality of light is what makes her appreciate the new fixtures.

“With the new LEDs we have bright light without the glare we had before,” she added. “I really notice the difference when I’m at my desk grading papers.”

Principal Paul Patterson also likes the way the troffers deliver warm, even light throughout the classroom.

“The light is brighter but also softer and not as institutional,” he said. “There is definitely a better mood in the room.”

Another positive factor associated with the LED troffers is that they’re silent instead of giving off a low-level hum that can come from traditional lighting fixtures. For students with distraction issues, this is a nice bonus.

“Having less background noise for students who struggle with distraction is very helpful,” Nemitz noted.

Nemitz’s classroom is the first of what Patterson hopes will eventually be the whole school, budget permitting.

“We would love to afford doing the whole school right away,” he stated. “Old ballasts are at the end of their lives so we’re working additional LED fixtures into the budget.”

Read more about how Wisconsin Lutheran is saving energy costs with LED lay-in troffers by clicking here.

DLC and ENERGY STAR: Why Qualification Matters

By Heather Asiyanbi April 2, 2014 3444 Views No comments

If you’ve been shopping e-conolight for any amount of time, chances are you’ve encountered the DLC and ENERGY STAR badges on a few products. But … do you know what they mean?

DLC BadgeBoth the DLC and ENERGY STAR badges help customers identify quality and long-lasting products for commercial (DLC) and residential (ENERGY STAR) applications.

DLC (Design Lights Consortium) is well-known in commercial circles for lighting products primarily used outside. 

Receiving the DLC certification is not an easy process; benchmarks for quality are tough to meet, and only items that go through rigorous third-party testing to meet those marks get qualified. For example, many fixtures must operate at 70 percent lumen maintenance or above for a minimum of 50,000 hours and offer a five-year warranty.

Customers who choose DLC-certified light fixtures for their commercial application are also eligible for utility rebates in many states.* 

ENERGY STAR rates indoor residential items including lighting and appliances.

ENERGY STARProducts that qualify for the ENERGY STAR badge are also tested by approved third-party facilities. Those that meet ENERGY STAR standards for pollution reduction and increased energy cost savings receive the distinctive blue badge.

Residential customers can also take advantage of utility company rebates in several states when they purchase ENERGY STAR appliances for their homes.*

DLC and ENERGY STAR products on e-conolight.com:

*Utility rebates vary by state and company. Customers should check with their utility for eligibility rules.