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Before and After: Premium LED Wall Pack Shines the Right Light

By Heather Asiyanbi September 24, 2014 4609 Views No comments

Homeowner Gary Kelly in Kansas City, MO, recently replaced a metal halide fixture on his garage with a 3700 lumen 76 watt neutral white premium LED wall pack, and the difference in the light output in the before and after photos is dramatic.

Before installing the LED wall pack, Kelly’s light provided a small circle of yellow light that barely penetrated the darkness around the building, the sidewalk leading to his house or down the length of his driveway.

Once the LED wall pack was in place, though, shadows around the garage were eliminated, the walk up to the house was bright and visibility along the 

LED Wall Pack After

“I really like the downward and side-to-side throw of the light, that’s what I really needed,” he said. “And when you look toward the garage from the house, you aren’t blinded.”driveway improved so drivers can better watch out for obstacles. Kelly said the design of the wall pack is what makes all the difference for him.

Kelly was a first-time e-conolight customer when he purchased his LED wall pack. He found the website by doing a Google search and decided to purchase after reading other reviews about the LED wall pack’s construction and easy installation.

“The design of the mounting box and how the light connects to it makes for an easy install,” he wrote in his review on e-conolight.com. “The housing is solid and has a quality feel to it … I would definitely recommend this product.”

Customers from different industries and who are using the LED wall pack in a variety of ways agree with Kelly’s positive review of the fixture. E-conolight welcomes feedback; just click the “Review” tab on the product information page and the blue, “Write a review” button.

LED Wall Pack Before
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Light up the Night with LED Wall Packs

By Heather Asiyanbi June 26, 2014 2382 Views No comments

LED Wall Pack FamilyProviding safety and security just got a lot brighter with the addition of four LED wall packs to  the collection already offered

Large LED wall packs now come in four color temperatures instead of two, giving customers twice as many choices. 72W 6000 lumen fixtures at 4000K and 5000K provide light that is up to 60 percent brighter and more energy efficient than the 175W metal halide lights they replace. These options join the existing selection of 76W 3700 and 3800 lumens at 4100K and 5700K that are comparable to 100W PSMH lighting fixtures. by e-conolight.

The 36W 3350 lumen fixture in 4000K and 5000K small premium wall pack is now available. Both color temperatures are comparable to a 70W PSMH and the new wall packs can replace 100W PSMH fixtures. All three are up to 65 percent brighter than their PSMH equivalent and deliver significant energy savings to boot.

Both the large and small LED wall packs throw light down and side-to-side to create more secure building perimeters and safer pedestrian walkways. LED wall packs can be fitted in the field with a photocell to make operation even easier, and they last for up to 50,000 virtually maintenance-free hours.