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5-Star Favorites: Customers Say LED Outdoor is the Ideal Nightlight

By Heather Asiyanbi September 23, 2014 4955 Views No comments

5-star LED favorites













Customers on e-conolight.com are posting five-star reviews for several LED outdoor fixtures they say really deliver. The most highly-rated LED fixture by far is the 36 watt LED dusk to dawn, but large LED floodlights, large LED wall packs, and LED canopy lights are also garnering rave reviews for the amount of light they deliver, durable design and energy efficiency.

Since e-conolight introduced the 36 watt LED dusk to dawn late last year, the fixture has become a customer favorite for its reliable bright light, sturdy construction, hands-free operation and affordability.

The entrance to a church in South Carolina is safer now that an LED dusk to dawn has been installed.

“Now the area is very bright and safe,” the customer who installed the light wrote. “I would buy this product again if I need to. (It was) worth every penny.”

Another customer’s first LED purchase was the LED dusk to dawn, and he was so impressed, he’s urging other customers to give it a try.

“Now my light is bright white and looks modern,” he posted. “Anybody that’s on the fence about switching to LED, this is the light for you.”

When it comes to the large LED floodlight, customers are just as enthusiastic.

“Glad to get rid of the old slow start, heat-generating ballasted old technology,” a review reads for the 7000 lumen 152 watt large LED floodlight.

Another post reads, “Had fluorescent lights everywhere (and) started to replace them with these. Love it.”

Large 6000 lumen LED wall packs are also highly rated; receiving top marks across the board.

“Wow, what a difference,” one customer posted. “Easy mount, easy wire, quick fire on, and very bright.”

A customer in the marine construction industry appreciates the LED wall pack fixtures because they stand up to challenging on-board conditions.

“This wall pack throws light where I need it (and is) a great replacement for incandescent and CFL standing lights around the deck house,” the review says. “Also, not something I have to replace very couple of days like incandescent lights due to the amount of vibration we have onboard.”

An electrician in Texas installed two of the 3700 lumen LED wall packs on the columns at the entrance to a subdivision. He said residents are pleased with the overall quality of the fixtures.

“All residents (are) extremely satisfied (with the) quality lighting with the added plus of law amp draw and energy efficiency,” he posted. “(I) will soon be recommending and installing many more.”

Customers are also unanimous in their praise for the 3350 lumen 36 watt neutral white LED canopy light.

“I’ve been buying these fixtures for several months now, and they have been the best replacement fixtures for all of our applications,” a review reads from a customer who works for a school district in Texas.

Another post points out how bright the fixtures are while using less energy than comparable metal halide lights.

“Replaced 100 watt metal halide, and they are just as bright and use way less energy,” the customer posted. “(This is an) affordable, great product.”

A shop owner in Wisconsin’s north woods installed two LED canopy fixtures in his store, and he couldn’t be happier despite being a little leary of taking the leap to LED.

“(I) could not be happier with the light they produce,” he said. “I was a little hesitant before I placed my order, but now I am awfully glad that I ordered these lights. This is an excellent product!”

Leaving a review about a product featured at e-conolight.com is easy, welcome and encouraged; just click the “Review” tab on the product information page and the green, “Write a review” box.

LED Wall Pack Punches Up Nighttime Light

By Heather Asiyanbi July 30, 2014 2601 Views No comments

When Tim Haisch, owner of Advanced Electric & Security in Edgewood, WA, replaced the aging metal halide wall pack in his driveway at home with an LED wall pack he wasn’t prepared for the amount of light the fixture delivered.LED 1300 lumen wall pack

“I installed it during the day and left to run some errands,” he said. “When I returned later in the evening I said, ‘Wow!’ as I drove up.”

The light was as bright as the 100W metal halide fixture it replaced, but at only 27W, uses just a fraction of the energy. Haisch said he was anticipating a decrease in his energy costs.

“I looked forward to my next power bill,” he continued.        

The 1300 lumen 27W LED wall pack offered by e-conolight will operate for up to 25,000 virtually maintenance free hours, is constructed with a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing, is UL listed for wet locations, features Cree LEDs inside and comes with a three-year warranty.

Light up the Night with LED Wall Packs

By Heather Asiyanbi June 26, 2014 2382 Views No comments

LED Wall Pack FamilyProviding safety and security just got a lot brighter with the addition of four LED wall packs to  the collection already offered

Large LED wall packs now come in four color temperatures instead of two, giving customers twice as many choices. 72W 6000 lumen fixtures at 4000K and 5000K provide light that is up to 60 percent brighter and more energy efficient than the 175W metal halide lights they replace. These options join the existing selection of 76W 3700 and 3800 lumens at 4100K and 5700K that are comparable to 100W PSMH lighting fixtures. by e-conolight.

The 36W 3350 lumen fixture in 4000K and 5000K small premium wall pack is now available. Both color temperatures are comparable to a 70W PSMH and the new wall packs can replace 100W PSMH fixtures. All three are up to 65 percent brighter than their PSMH equivalent and deliver significant energy savings to boot.

Both the large and small LED wall packs throw light down and side-to-side to create more secure building perimeters and safer pedestrian walkways. LED wall packs can be fitted in the field with a photocell to make operation even easier, and they last for up to 50,000 virtually maintenance-free hours.

Worship Spaces: The Right Lighting Inside and Out

By Heather Asiyanbi June 4, 2014 2288 Views No comments

Lighting worship spaces

Choosing the right lighting for worship spaces is critical for creating the appropriate mood for worship, prayer, and celebration. E-conolight offers a full line of LED fixtures to highlight important features outside while enhancing the right mood inside.

Inside, dimmable fixtures like LED recessed retrofit kits and track lights provide bright light for celebrations as well as low light for occasions when lighting needs to be a little more subtle.

Outside, LED floodlights and spotlights highlight significant architectural details while wall packs, canopy lights and parking fixtures keep walkways and parking lots safe.

Even in places of worship, exit and emergency lighting play an important role. E-conolight features several different models with the reliably bright light congregants expect when seconds might count.

New LED step lights can be recessed into stair risers – both indoor and out – to make steps more secure, and they light up a hallway just enough to avoid relying only on overhead light. Outside, the LED step light adds safety and security without sacrificing style or themes.

Upgrading to LED Lighting Increases Energy Efficiency, Decreases Costs

By Heather Asiyanbi April 23, 2014 2490 Views No comments

Increasing the energy efficiency in your home doesn’t mean sacrificing high style or breaking the bank. The evolution and increasing familiarity of LED lighting over the last several years means homeowners can swap their traditional lighting schemes indoor and out for brighter light at bigger savings.


LED recessed cans in kitchen

Recessed lighting took kitchen design by storm a few years ago, but recent regulations that limit the manufacture and  importing of incandescent bulbs mean the change to more efficient lighting will happen sooner rather than later. New 14W LED recessed retrofit kits offered by e-conolight make the transition smooth because they fit into most existing 5” and 6” recessed housings. Kits include a long-lasting LED lamp that provides bright light at considerable savings.

Track lighting has also come a long way since the chunky units of the 1970s. From high-style residential track heads with an industrial twist to sleek units that fit in nicely with almost any décor, LED track lights offered by e-conolight deliver bright light, true colors and keep a low profile. Homeowners can highlight architectural details, spotlight great pieces of art or use the new track lighting for general illumination instead of traditional ceiling-mount fixtures and/or table lamps. 

Brighten up basements without the headache of replacing existing T-bar ceiling structures with drop-in LED troffers, now in a convenient 1x4 size at e-conolight.com. Because LED troffers can be up to 70 percent brighter and use less energy than fluorescent tubes, fewer fixtures are needed overall. Homeowners end up saving time and money.


Saving money with more efficient LED lighting isn’t limited to indoor ideas. Homeowners can light up walkways, create the perfect backdrop for enjoying an evening outside, highlight landscaping and more.

LED wall packs offered by e-conolight are ideal lighting fixtures for exterior walls on both homes and garages. Some models include a cutoff glare shield to direct light down to the ground, where it’s needed. They can also throw light to both sides, increasing visibility along driveways and walkways with minimal glare, which is important to help keep the peace with neighbors. 

2000 Lumen 38W LED Wall Pack

Backyard decks can be fantastic entertainment spaces, but the fun shouldn’t be limited to daytime because homeowners are afraid of attracting bugs if they install lights. LED flexible strip lighting is the ideal solution because the strips are flexible and fit nicely underneath top rails. LED strips are also completely sealed, and, unlike traditional bulbs, LED lighting doesn’t attract bugs so the party doesn’t have to move inside after the sun goes down.

Curb appeal doesn’t need to fade into the shadows at nightfall. LED decorative sconces from e-conolight.com shine light up, down or in both directions and highlight pretty features in the yard and nice architectural touches at the same time. Homeowners who want to add a little more style to walkway lighting and entryways will find that sconces are an attractive and energy cost saving way to go. 

LED Wall Packs Keep Peace with Neighbors

By Heather Asiyanbi March 19, 2014 1850 Views No comments

LED wall packs offeredy by e-conolight focus light down – where it’s needed – instead of producing glare, helping homeowners in Houston, TX, keep the peace.

LED wall packs for residential use

“What I like best about this fixture is the light distribution,” he said. “The light goes down to the area where you want it, not up into your eyes, creating glare or light pollution.”

The lack of glare matters in residential applications because neighbors appreciate not having light from next door shining into their yard, Weissman added.

LED wall packs offered by e-conolight provide up to tens of thousands of hours of virtually maintenance-free use, bright light where it’s needed most, and significant energy cost savings. Wall packs range from a 1,300 lumen/27 watt fixture to a 6,000 lumen/73 watt light, and they are designed for security, pathway, and perimeter lighting where spill light is important. 

Using LEDs to Fight Light Pollution, One Wall Pack at a Time

By Heather Asiyanbi March 14, 2014 2346 Views No comments
LED wall packs at Foster-Jacob

Company leaders at Foster-Jacob, Inc. in Peoria, IL, are investing in energy efficiency and reducing light pollution with LED wall packs offered by e-conolight

Foster-Jacob has a number of exterior wall packs on its building that are aging and contributing to local light pollution by splashing light up and into the night instead of down onto driveways and sidewalks. Those fixtures are being replaced with LED wall packs.

Company Vice President Emily Jacob is leading the charge because she believes in the future of LED.

“I like LED technology and the color the lights give off,” she said. “We know e-conolight LED products, and we are using them to save money on our energy bills.”

Crews have been installing LED wall packs offered by e-conolight for their customers for quite some time so company leaders were familiar with the product quality and service that is part of the e-conolight customer experience.

Jacob is also a photographer who specializes in nighttime backdrops, and she is a member of the International Dark Sky Association, an organization dedicated to preserving views of the night sky. She said switching out the company’s existing wall packs with LEDs helps her live her belief in limiting light pollution.

“I’m really passionate about what the IDA is trying to do so I’m pushing my ideas on everyone here,” Jacob said with a chuckle. “Using LEDs saves money on energy costs and the design of the light keeps the beam pointing down and not into the sky.”

The plan is to keep replacing exterior wall fixtures with LED wall packs offered by e-conolight as needed, she added.