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Get the Most Out of e-conolight.com!

By Ashley Henry August 27, 2015 2122 Views No comments

You know e-conolight for selling quality, low-cost lighting fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial settings. But did you also know we provide several web-based tools and resources to help meet your needs? Here are six of our most popular:

New Product Preview – September

By Ashley Henry August 21, 2015 5882 Views No comments

Here’s a sneak peek of next month’s new products before the catalog drops August 24! Get your shades, we’re introducing some of our brightest fixtures yet!

LEDs for Developed and Developing Worlds

By Jake Tabbert July 31, 2015 1923 Views No comments

LED technology is fulfilling humankind’s overall need for power in a more effective way than ever before. Not only has the cost of LEDs dropped over the past decade, but their quality and efficiency has risen – making them a practical option worldwide. 

Bigger, Brighter Version of Popular LED Dusk to Dawn Now Available

By Heather Asiyanbi September 26, 2014 6236 Views No comments

A larger LED dusk to dawn now offered by e-conolightLarge LED Dusk to Dawn is almost sure to be as big a hit as the original. The new fixture includes everything customers love about the first dusk to dawn – clean white light, sturdy construction, long life and energy efficiency – and makes it bigger and brighter.

The new large LED dusk to dawn is almost double the lumen output of the original – 6650 – so it’s ideal for applications that require more light. With a color temperature of 5000K, light is a crisp white that eliminates shadows and increases security.

The same “well-built product” description customers use to describe the original LED dusk to dawn applies to the larger dusk to dawn as well. A durable, die-cast aluminum housing makes for a fixture that is built to last. The grey polyester powder-coat finish stands up to harsh weather conditions so customers don’t have to worry about corrosion or fading.

Customers who choose the large LED dusk to dawn will have the comfort of knowing they have a light that lasts. The fixture has an estimated lifetime of 76,000 hours to L70; that’s 17 years of safety and security. And at just 68 watts, the new LED dusk to dawn uses about one third the energy of comparable 175 watt metal halide lamps.

Additional details for the larger dusk to dawn include flexible mounting options with all mounting hardware included, a twist-lock photocell for reliable, hands-free dusk-to-dawn operation, Cree LEDs inside, and the comfort of a five-year limited warranty. 

Before and After: Premium LED Wall Pack Shines the Right Light

By Heather Asiyanbi September 24, 2014 4303 Views No comments

Homeowner Gary Kelly in Kansas City, MO, recently replaced a metal halide fixture on his garage with a 3700 lumen 76 watt neutral white premium LED wall pack, and the difference in the light output in the before and after photos is dramatic.

Before installing the LED wall pack, Kelly’s light provided a small circle of yellow light that barely penetrated the darkness around the building, the sidewalk leading to his house or down the length of his driveway.

Once the LED wall pack was in place, though, shadows around the garage were eliminated, the walk up to the house was bright and visibility along the 

LED Wall Pack After

“I really like the downward and side-to-side throw of the light, that’s what I really needed,” he said. “And when you look toward the garage from the house, you aren’t blinded.”driveway improved so drivers can better watch out for obstacles. Kelly said the design of the wall pack is what makes all the difference for him.

Kelly was a first-time e-conolight customer when he purchased his LED wall pack. He found the website by doing a Google search and decided to purchase after reading other reviews about the LED wall pack’s construction and easy installation.

“The design of the mounting box and how the light connects to it makes for an easy install,” he wrote in his review on e-conolight.com. “The housing is solid and has a quality feel to it … I would definitely recommend this product.”

Customers from different industries and who are using the LED wall pack in a variety of ways agree with Kelly’s positive review of the fixture. E-conolight welcomes feedback; just click the “Review” tab on the product information page and the blue, “Write a review” button.

LED Wall Pack Before
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5-Star Favorites: Customers Say LED Outdoor is the Ideal Nightlight

By Heather Asiyanbi September 23, 2014 4608 Views No comments

5-star LED favorites













Customers on e-conolight.com are posting five-star reviews for several LED outdoor fixtures they say really deliver. The most highly-rated LED fixture by far is the 36 watt LED dusk to dawn, but large LED floodlights, large LED wall packs, and LED canopy lights are also garnering rave reviews for the amount of light they deliver, durable design and energy efficiency.

Since e-conolight introduced the 36 watt LED dusk to dawn late last year, the fixture has become a customer favorite for its reliable bright light, sturdy construction, hands-free operation and affordability.

The entrance to a church in South Carolina is safer now that an LED dusk to dawn has been installed.

“Now the area is very bright and safe,” the customer who installed the light wrote. “I would buy this product again if I need to. (It was) worth every penny.”

Another customer’s first LED purchase was the LED dusk to dawn, and he was so impressed, he’s urging other customers to give it a try.

“Now my light is bright white and looks modern,” he posted. “Anybody that’s on the fence about switching to LED, this is the light for you.”

When it comes to the large LED floodlight, customers are just as enthusiastic.

“Glad to get rid of the old slow start, heat-generating ballasted old technology,” a review reads for the 7000 lumen 152 watt large LED floodlight.

Another post reads, “Had fluorescent lights everywhere (and) started to replace them with these. Love it.”

Large 6000 lumen LED wall packs are also highly rated; receiving top marks across the board.

“Wow, what a difference,” one customer posted. “Easy mount, easy wire, quick fire on, and very bright.”

A customer in the marine construction industry appreciates the LED wall pack fixtures because they stand up to challenging on-board conditions.

“This wall pack throws light where I need it (and is) a great replacement for incandescent and CFL standing lights around the deck house,” the review says. “Also, not something I have to replace very couple of days like incandescent lights due to the amount of vibration we have onboard.”

An electrician in Texas installed two of the 3700 lumen LED wall packs on the columns at the entrance to a subdivision. He said residents are pleased with the overall quality of the fixtures.

“All residents (are) extremely satisfied (with the) quality lighting with the added plus of law amp draw and energy efficiency,” he posted. “(I) will soon be recommending and installing many more.”

Customers are also unanimous in their praise for the 3350 lumen 36 watt neutral white LED canopy light.

“I’ve been buying these fixtures for several months now, and they have been the best replacement fixtures for all of our applications,” a review reads from a customer who works for a school district in Texas.

Another post points out how bright the fixtures are while using less energy than comparable metal halide lights.

“Replaced 100 watt metal halide, and they are just as bright and use way less energy,” the customer posted. “(This is an) affordable, great product.”

A shop owner in Wisconsin’s north woods installed two LED canopy fixtures in his store, and he couldn’t be happier despite being a little leary of taking the leap to LED.

“(I) could not be happier with the light they produce,” he said. “I was a little hesitant before I placed my order, but now I am awfully glad that I ordered these lights. This is an excellent product!”

Leaving a review about a product featured at e-conolight.com is easy, welcome and encouraged; just click the “Review” tab on the product information page and the green, “Write a review” box.

All LED Exit and Emergency Lighting is a Reliably Bright Idea

By Heather Asiyanbi September 19, 2014 3219 Views No comments

LED Exit & Emergency e-conolight officeIf the unthinkable happens and seconds count, exit and emergency lighting should be bright, sturdy, and reliable. E-conolight now offers a complete LED line of exit and emergency lighting that meets or exceeds industry standards, offers improved performance, and stands up to customer expectations.

Red or green letters on exit signs are a full six inches tall for exceptional visibility and include removable and replaceable chevrons for directions to the nearest exit. Housings are constructed of injection-molded, 5VA flame retardant thermoplastic or durable aluminum, depending on the model number. All exit signs include a sealed, nickel-free cadmium battery for up to 90 minutes of backup power in case of a power outage.

New LED exit signs are also more energy efficient, using less than four watts on input volts of 120V to 277V.

Emergency lights are now also LED and come ready for installation into standard J-boxes with quick-connect back plates. Recessed models can fit into either drywall or drop ceilings with included bar hangers. All LED emergency lights use three watts or less with universal voltage of 120 to 277.

This new line of LED exit and emergency lights comes equipped with remote head capability as well for increased flexibility, including one model that can support up to 20 remote heads (E-X1ML1006). Remote heads come in either single or double-head configurations, at 1 watt and 2 watts, respectively. Multi-volt chip provides for additional installation options into 3.6-volt, 6-volt, and 9.6-volt systems.

The new line of LED exit and emergency lights starts at just $12.99 at e-conolight.com.

For Chicago customers, e-conolight also offers a complete line of LED exit and emergency lighting that meets specific standards outlined by city ordinance. Chicago is the third-largest city in the country and home to some of the tallest buildings in the nation so city codes spell out requirements for maximum visibility, longevity and clarity.

4” LED Recessed is Bright Light in the Small Package Customers Need

By Heather Asiyanbi September 17, 2014 3773 Views No comments

Upgrading to LED recessed lighting is a lot easier now that e-conolight offers a 4-inch version of its popular LED recessed retrofit kits.

4" LED recessed retrofit kitThe new 4-inch LED recessed light is available with 600 lumens and 2700K or 630 lumens and 3000K. This fixture uses just 9 watts and lasts for an estimated 60,000 hours of use, making this one of the brightest, most energy efficient LED recessed retrofit kits available.

If the 4” LED recessed fixture is on for an average of five hours a day, each fixture should last for over 32 years! Not only does the 4” LED recessed light lower electricity bills, it also saves customers money because they won’t have to purchase replacement lamps.

The 4-inch LED retrofit sports a one-piece design and sturdy construction with an integrated trim so installation is a snap:

  • Turn off power to the fixture
  • Plug the connector from the LED to the connector on the Edison-style socket adaptors
  • The push-in retention clips mean users can push the LED kit flush against the ceiling
  • Turn on power to the fixture

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, the 4-inch LED recessed retrofit is rated for both retrofit and new construction projects. It is suitable for IC-rated recessed housings as well and is compatible with most dimmers to 10 percent.

The new LED 4” recessed retrofit retails at e-conolight.com for just $26.99.

Need Task Lighting? There’s an LED Surface Mount Wrap for That

By Heather Asiyanbi September 15, 2014 4315 Views No comments

LED surface mount wrap lightWith the introduction of a new LED surface mount wrap light, e-conolight now offers the task lighting customers have asked for at an economical price.

The wrap light measures less than 20 inches long and comes in at just 2.2 inches tall so it fits perfectly above folding stations in laundry rooms and in closets. DIYers can count on it to provide the perfect amount of light above work benches, and it makes a nice, low-profile fixture for hallways and mudrooms.

Energy-sapping fluorescent wrap fixtures can be a thing of the past with the new LED wrap light offered by e-conolight. At 2750 lumens and just 37.5 watts, the LED wrap offers bright light at superior energy cost savings. With an estimated life of over 36,000 hours, changing bulbs becomes a thing of the past. More, installation doesn’t require anything other than a 4/0 junction box and a little know-how.

Other features of the new LED surface mount wrap light include compatibility with most dimmers; universal voltage (120V – 277V), durable steel construction, a microprismatic diffuser, Cree LEDs and a five-year limited warranty.

The LED surface mount wrap retails at e-conolight.com for just $109.99.

laundry room for LED surface mount wrap

LED Lighting Helps Restaurants Give Good Presentation

By Heather Asiyanbi September 5, 2014 3107 Views No comments

Restaurant front of houseThe right restaurant lighting can make the difference between guests who linger – and spend more – and those who eat and run. E-conolight offers a number of LED fixtures appropriate for restaurant applications both inside and out where color and tone are critical.

In the dining room, dimmable recessed lighting and track lighting can create exactly the right atmosphere for guests. Turn lights up for daytime and early evening dining and bring them down again for more intimate affairs. LED lamps can be used in pendant lighting over individual tables to provide warm, white light that upgrades any dining experience.

The National Restaurant Association, in a post dedicated to front-of-house operations, advises restaurateurs to carefully apply lighting to highlight the eatery’s personality, make guests look great and create just the right atmosphere. The writer also points out the value in dimmable fixtures.

“Lighting can set the mood in your restaurant, creating a soothing ambience that encourages customers to linger … You want people to look their best, so they’ll stay longer and buy more,” the story reads. “Use dimmable lights to allow you to adjust the lighting as needed … (there’s) a different feel at lunch than at dinner than at late night.”

LED lay-in troffers in the kitchen provide bright, even light in sealed, maintenance-free designs that are easy to clean. Sous chefs can prepare ingredients for cooks and executive chefs know they have the right textures and colors. Because the troffer lights are designed for 1-for-1 replacement in existing T-bar ceiling grids, upgrading to LED from fluorescent light panels is a snap.

Barry Dickinson, service manager with Roman Electric, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI, said restaurant customers who install LED troffers are happy with them.

“They come in three sizes, which is great especially in restaurants,” he said. “They’re easy to install and easy to clean.”

The NRA in a recent post about the back-of-house noted that switching to LED is an investment in long-term savings both in energy costs and not having to replace burned out lamps.

“With their reduced heat load, LEDs can lower your cooling costs, especially crucial in warmer climes,” the article reads. “Because LED bulbs last for years, you’ll have fewer lights to change.”

LED directional floodlight at Olive Garden

Energy efficiency and great style begin before diners walk in the door, and the right outdoor lighting scheme is also crucial for leaving a great last impression as well.

Russell Guddex, manager of an Olive Garden restaurant in Brookfield, WI, chose LED premium directional floodlights for both security and landscape lighting. The combination of safety and beauty welcomes guests with the right amount warm illumination.

“The light is vibrant and bright,” he said. “The way (the LED light fixtures) wash the sides of the building and highlight the tressels is fantastic.”

LED wall packs and canopy lights make guests feel more secure by providing bright light along pathways and eliminating shadows along exterior walls. LED floodlights and parking lights improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians for even greater security.