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Wisconsin Angler Puts HPS Floodlights to Work

By Heather Asiyanbi July 28, 2014 2420 Views No comments

HPS Floodlights for bow fishingWhen Aaron Rebholz goes out on Little Muskego Lake to do some fishing, the murky water can’t hide the carp swimming just below the surface because he installed five HPS floodlights on the bow of his boat.

“These lights are awesome,” he said. “They penetrate the murky water better.”

Rebholz said reducing glare is important for bowfishing, which is another reason he likes the HPS floodlights.

“They create less glare off the water than halogen and LED,” he confirmed.

Rebholz runs the 150 watt fixtures off a generator he positioned aft on his 14-foot Alumacraft® boat.

Ruud Lighting Products Reduced

By Heather Asiyanbi June 27, 2014 4746 Views No comments

Ruud Lighting price reduction








The Ruud Lighting products customers love now cost even less.

For the last 30 years, Ruud Lighting has delivered quality products designed by top engineers. Customers rely on the strength of Ruud poles and the superior design of lighting fixtures using optic materials to direct light where it’s needed.

In addition to finding Ruud floodlights, area lights and tenons at e-conolight.com, customers will be pleased to find lower prices across the board with permanent price reductions.

Ruud Lighting Floodlights Now Offered by E-conolight

By Heather Asiyanbi June 20, 2014 3361 Views No comments

Ruud Floods at e-conolightCustomers who have come to rely on the quality engineering of Ruud Lighting floodlights, area lights, and tenons can now find them at e-conolight.com.

Thousands of contractors have relied on Ruud floodlights and poles for over 30 years because of proven quality design by top engineers. Crown-Weld® pole bases provide a dramatic improvement in fatigue resistance so Ruud poles are built to last. Light goes where it’s needed thanks to innovative design and superior optic materials.

Accessories like glare shields, deep baffles and internal louvers provide greater control over the direction of where light is thrown. Wire guards and vandal shields help protect lenses, and button photocells mean hands-free operation from dusk to dawn.

Mounting options include two-inch adjustable fitters or yoke mounts for most flood and area lights. Most Ruud floodlights can use optional mounts like 1-1/2” or six-inch arms. The AeroDome Area Light includes a side arm mount and three different throw patterns for greater flexibility.

Ruud floods and poles can be configured to create the perfect lighting scheme for nearly any outdoor application.