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Indoor LED Troffer Lights

Get versatility in size and style with e-conolight’s LED Troffers. Our lay-in Troffers are available in standard 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 sizes and are offered in a flat lens or architectural styles. Whatever style and size you choose, e-conolight is sure to provide greater flexibility, brighter light and bigger savings! Ceiling light panels can be replaced 1-for-1 with existing T-bar ceiling grids. Troffer light panels can be used in a variety of applications including office, education, retail, commercial and residential.

At e-conolight, we offer LED troffers in multiple sizes, enabling greater flexibility and brighter light with lower power consumption, which leads to bigger savings and environment-friendly performance. Ceiling light panels can be replaced 1-for-1 with LED troffer lights within existing T-bar ceiling grids. LED troffer lights have numerous applications, including office, educational, retail, commercial and residential.

Built to last, our LED troffers feature durable steel construction with a precision-engineered polystyrene diffuser, which prevents hot spots, shadows and glare while providing uniform illumination. Easily installed into any conventional grid ceiling, the LED architectural troffer contains a center lens designed to deliver a soft, natural glow with minimized glare, providing perfect illumination. With thousands of hours of maintenance-free operation, our high-quality and durable LED panel troffers are offered with a five-year limited warranty.

e-conolight’s user-friendly search tool makes it easy to find the product you need. You can filter by preferred power consumption or light output to narrow your choices.

If you are uncertain which light solution best suits your application, email or call our experienced staff. We will provide suggestions on LED architectural troffers as well as LED panel troffers to ensure that you get a high-quality product at a price that fits your budget.