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LED Adoption Rates: The Smartest Cities in the U.S are also the Brightest

Looking at Fast Company’s recent study on the smartest cities in North America, we made an interesting discovery. Not only are the “smart” cities the most efficient and innovative, but also each of the U.S. cities on the list (with the exception of Chicago) are also the brightest—literally! Major metropolitan areas like New York City, San Francisco, and Boston have some of the highest LED adoption rates; they have already upgraded or plan to upgrade old street lighting technology with thousands of energy-efficient LED streetlights.

Did your city make the list?

Infographic:The Brightest Cities in the US

Cities leading the way in the adoption of LED lighting are expected to save millions of dollars on energy and maintenance costs. Not only will the new LED streetlights save money and support green efforts, but also they greatly improve lighting quality and visibility. Cities like Los Angeles have seen significant decreases in nighttime crime since installing LEDs on their roadways. 

Streetlights aren’t the only way to improve a city’s lighting and energy costs. LEDs fit a variety of commercial lighting applications like gas stations, parking lots and garages, and more, and will help contribute to your LEED and energy star certifications. 

Want to make the switch? Find out how to bring LED streetlights to your community!

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