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2005 NEC Update


Article 410.73 (F) (5) requires luminaires that use MH lamps to have either a containment barrier (lens) or an ANSI type O-rated lamp and socket. This does not apply to open luminaires with thick glass such as PAR lamps. In the past 400 watt MH S-rated lamps were allowed to be installed without a containment barrier or shrouded arc tube. Under the 2005 NEC code this will no longer be allowed. 

Since not all states will immediately adopt the 2005 NEC, e-conolight will continue to offer products with S-rated lamps. Existing installations that use S-rated lamps will continue to be allowed, even in municipalities that adopt the 2005 NEC code. 

Article 410.4 (E) states that MV or MH luminaires in playing or spectator areas of indoor sports, mixed use and all-purpose facilities, which are subject to physical damage, must be a type that protect the lamp with a glass or plastic lens. Some e-conolight fixtures are available with enclosures to meet this requirement. 

If you have questions about the requirements for your area, contact your local inspector. When you know what your needs are, contact us. Our Customer Service Representatives will assist you in selecting the product that best fits your project.