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Flexible LED Cable Strip

Highlight important features or provide general illumination for a variety of residential or commercial spaces. Our econoLED® Flexible Cable System is sold as kits, which makes the buying decision easier and provides everything you need for install. Use the LED cable in a large kitchen, in place of an under cabinet fixture or create a softly-lit nook to highlight something special. Choose between low, medium and high outputs for indoor or outdoor spaces. The options are endless and the install is a breeze.

There is a growing demand in the world of lighting for LED strip lights. Whether you are looking to use outdoor LED cable lighting to subtly highlight a feature of your outdoor space, keep the party going after dark or just brighten up a walkway, strip lighting is a perfect solution. Not only are they stylish, but they are very practical, as they can be used to provide continuous bright light as a form of security on walkways and elsewhere.

With a wide range of power consumptions and many brightness and dimming options, our LED strip lights are a top of the line product. To support our claim, we offer a three-year limited warranty on our products; even on the outdoor flexible cable strip LED lights, which are suitable for wet conditions. You can choose from a variety of packages, such as the starter or booster kits, designed to make your buying decision easier. Durability is our highest priority, along with general customer satisfaction.

Navigating throughout our website is made easy with the help of filters. You can choose to search for booster kits, accessory kits, extension kits as well as individual cables, drivers, dimmers, tracks and more. You can choose to search for LED strip lights with different brightness levels, even with different power supply or cable lengths.

If you are new to the strip lighting world, or you simply can’t make up your mind about which LED strip lights or package to pick, you can always email or call us for help or advice. Our years of experience and highest levels of customer satisfaction give us the standing to offer professional advice in helping you determine what to order and why.