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LED Vapor Tight Lighting Fixtures

e-conolight's Vapor Tight light fixtures feature a heavy duty, die-cast aluminum housing and are easy to install with a screw-in glass jar. They are available in LED, incandescent, fluorescent and HID configurations.

No matter the area or purpose, if you want illumination for indoor or outdoor use in residential and commercial applications, you might consider vapor tight lighting. For years, e-conolight has offered top-of-the-line vapor tight light fixtures and numerous vapor tight style lights. Choose from LED, incandescent, fluorescent and HID configurations, and find the perfect choice for your lighting needs with e-conolight.

As with the other lighting offerings on our website, our vapor tight lighting can be searched according to technology, replacements, light output, power consumption and subcategory. Power consumption varies and there are several subcategories to search in, including accessories, vapor tight strip and vapor tight style.

Depending upon your preferred replacements, consumption and the light output, you can pick from several models of vapor tight light fixtures. Aside from these specifications, the products differ in their housing, lens assembly (although most are extremely easy to assemble), mounting and recommended use and mounting height. Carefully read the Q&A, specifications and guide sections before selecting a product. We also provide user reviews to assist in your purchasing decision.

Why vapor tight lighting? These fixtures are tough and highly resistant, providing clear and energy efficient lighting at a low-cost. No matter which vapor tight lighting you choose, you’ll get dependable lighting that will last for years to come. Most products come with a 5-year limited warranty and free shipping on orders above $100.

If you are uncertain of your lighting solution or have questions, contact us! With years of experience in the field and thousands of satisfied lighting customers, we can help ensure that you choose the lighting that meets your requirements.