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6-Lamp Commercial Linear Fluorescent

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Choose from 54W T5HO, 32W T8, or Premium 32W T8. If ordering lamps, 54W T5HO fixtures are supplied with Luma Lamps and 32W Standard T8 fixtures are supplied with GE Ecolux® lamps. Premium T8 fixtures are always supplied with GE Ecolux® high lumen/extra life lamps.

If ordering the fixtures with lamp, choose your lamp color temperature, which does not affect lamp brightness. Lamp color is measured in Kelvins. 3500K is warm white, 4100K is neutral white, and 5000K is cool white.

Choose from either White or Specular reflectors. Specular aluminum reflectors are MIRO 4™ high efficiency, which provide 95% total reflectance with medium distribution. White painted reflectors are high-reflectance, which provide 94% total reflectance with wide light distribution.

The 360° motion sensor is fully integrated into the fixture. Fixture includes a selectable switch for two low mode options allowing full customization for your application. Choose either all lamps off or partial lamps off (2 lamps off). The low mode has a time delay setting adjustable from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.

Emergency ballast (ordered separately) is a single-lamp field-installable battery pack. Ballast operates on 120-volt or 277-volt ONLY. Fixture comes factory pre-wired for Plug-N-Go installation, offering simple field installation and maintenance. Emergency ballast is UL Listed 924. Three emergency ballast options are available: 800 initial lumens, 1150 initial lumens (Not for T8), or 2700 initial lumens. The emergency ballast will operate one lamp for 90 minutes at the specified lumen level.

For standard (non-emergency) hard wire fixtures, the electronic ballast auto-senses voltages 120V, 208V, 240V, or 277V.

For standard (non-emergency) fixtures with a cord & plug, please specify voltage (120V, 208V, 240V, or 277V). The cord is a three-wire cord, six feet long. The 120V option can be ordered with a twist-lock plug or a standard straight-blade plug.

For hard wired fixtures with emergency ballasts, you can hard wire to either 120V or 277V.

For fixtures with emergency ballasts and with a cord & plug, please specify voltage (120V or 277V). The cord is a four-wire cord, six feet long.

For hard wired fixtures with emergency ballasts AND a motion sensor, you can hard wire to either 120V or 277V.

If ordering fixtures with emergency AND a motion sensor you have the option of  a 3-wire cord or a 4-wire cord. If choosing a 3-wire cord, power must always be supplied to the fixture. The motion sensor can be switched to low mode or off. If choosing a 4-wire cord, a 4th unswitched lead must be provided to the fixture.


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