LED Troffer Lights 2x4

We’re here to stop you from paying too much for 2x4 LED troffers. Why? Because you don’t have to. And because it’s all downhill from there: pay too much, fight to install bad lighting, run late for your next project, miss lunch. Lighting doesn’t have to be hard; all our products are a dream to install and don’t cost your left (or right) arm. And to make things even easier, we threw in long warranties and fast shipping. Browse through our collection today. Oh, and we've also got 2x2 troffers, plus all other sizes here.

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  1. NICOR® LED 2 x 4 Flat Lens Troffer | T5C Series
    NICOR® LED 2 x 4 Flat Lens Troffer | T5C Series | White
    SKU: T5C-24
    Replaces 2 x F32T8
    4691 - 4771 Lumens

2x4 LED Troffers

One of the reasons LED troffers are great is because they help relieve eye strain at work. This is all due to their bright and uniform lighting that doesn’t fade the farther it gets from the source. If headaches are an issue, or even stress or alertness, these guys can help with those too.

Compared to their fluorescent counterparts, 2x4 LED troffers last forever. Meaning, over 100,000 hours of operation. Maintenance-free, by the way. When run in your standard office, that can mean up to 50 years of not having to stress out about replacing them. They also stay brighter longer, compared to fluorescents, which tend to lose their intensity more quickly over time. Don’t forget the up to 90% energy savings, just by making the switch to LED.

In hospitals, the crisp lighting of troffers can help patients, visitors, and staff feel more relaxed during otherwise stressful situations. Plus, it can improve the quality of sleep for patients during their recovery. In retail shops, these fixtures bring out the true colors of all products underneath them, making them look even better and, well, more appetizing to customers’ eyes. Plus, since LED lighting is so bright, the last candy bar on the back of the shelf won’t go unnoticed.

Our troffers come with emergency backups, plus they’re really easy to pair up with controls. Simply buy a switch or dimmer to turn the lights off when they’re no longer needed. If you’d like them to turn on automatically when people are in the room, your best bet is an occupancy sensor. You or your client will save tons of money on those electric bills.