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All LED Exit and Emergency Lighting is a Reliably Bright Idea

LED Exit & Emergency e-conolight officeIf the unthinkable happens and seconds count, exit and emergency lighting should be bright, sturdy, and reliable. E-conolight now offers a complete LED line of exit and emergency lighting that meets or exceeds industry standards, offers improved performance, and stands up to customer expectations.

Red or green letters on exit signs are a full six inches tall for exceptional visibility and include removable and replaceable chevrons for directions to the nearest exit. Housings are constructed of injection-molded, 5VA flame retardant thermoplastic or durable aluminum, depending on the model number. All exit signs include a sealed, nickel-free cadmium battery for up to 90 minutes of backup power in case of a power outage.

New LED exit signs are also more energy efficient, using less than four watts on input volts of 120V to 277V.

Emergency lights are now also LED and come ready for installation into standard J-boxes with quick-connect back plates. Recessed models can fit into either drywall or drop ceilings with included bar hangers. All LED emergency lights use three watts or less with universal voltage of 120 to 277.

This new line of LED exit and emergency lights comes equipped with remote head capability as well for increased flexibility, including one model that can support up to 20 remote heads (E-X1ML1006). Remote heads come in either single or double-head configurations, at 1 watt and 2 watts, respectively. Multi-volt chip provides for additional installation options into 3.6-volt, 6-volt, and 9.6-volt systems.

The new line of LED exit and emergency lights starts at just $12.99 at

For Chicago customers, e-conolight also offers a complete line of LED exit and emergency lighting that meets specific standards outlined by city ordinance. Chicago is the third-largest city in the country and home to some of the tallest buildings in the nation so city codes spell out requirements for maximum visibility, longevity and clarity.