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CUSTOMER FOCUS: Barry Dickinson, Roman Electric

With over 37 years of experience as an electrician and service manager with Roman Electric, Barry Dickinson knows his way around lighting fixtures. When it comes to recommending products to customers, Dickinson said he most often turns to e-conolight.Barry Dickinson Roman Electric

Not only does he appreciate having the will-call service nearby – Roman Electric is headquartered just a few miles north of e-conolight’s homebase in Sturtevant, WI – Dickinson values e-conolight’s low prices on LED fixtures and forward-thinking product line.

“If e-conolight had not introduced LEDs at the price point they do, I don’t think LED fixtures, in general, would be as popular as they are with our customers, and maybe even across the country,” he said.

Dickinson pointed to the LED lay-in troffers e-conolight offers as an example.

“These come in three sizes, which expands the choice for our customers, and they’re dimmable, which is important because people like to turn lights up and down depending on their use,” he noted.

Restaurant clients, especially, like the troffers because not only are they easy to install, Dickinson added, the units are sealed so cleaning them is a snap.

“E-conolight keeps up-to-date with LED products and brings them to customers so it’s cost-effective for our customers to upgrade,” he said. "Restaurants need to be able to control light for atmosphere and quick, easy cleaning is a must for them."

Recent, Dickinson continued, two customers with older 400W metal halide fixtures were ready to make the switch to LED. Because e-conolight offers a large, premium LED floodlight with a 2” adjustable slip fitter, the projects were priced out as retrofits instead of as a new installs. The difference in pricing is significant because of the lack of fabrication required.

“That slip fitter makes all the difference,” he added. “It allows us to install the floodlights and angle them just right without having to perform a lot of fabrication in the field.”

All-in-all, Dickinson said he’s a big fan of e-conolight and has remained a customer for so many years he can’t remember when he placed his first order.

“(E-conolight) always has something new, and I’m a big fan of the company,” he confirmed. “I can’t wait to get the catalog every month to see what you’ve all come up with.”