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Get A Taste of LED this Holiday Season

The holidays are here and it’s a great time to see what LED lighting can do for you. While we don’t sell Christmas lights here at e-conolight, LED Christmas lights themselves are a great way to get a taste of LED lighting if you’re not quite ready to make the full switch.

On average, people spend $145 per season in energy costs to decorate a single home with traditional Christmas lights. If that same home was decorated using LED lights, people would only spend $20 per season in energy costs - nearly 90% savings. Those same LED lights will also last nearly 97,000 hours longer than traditional lights - think of the possibilities!

Other great benefits of LED lights:

  • LEDs are cooler in temperature, compared to incandescent lights, which reduces the risk of fire & burns.

  • The protective coverings around the LEDs are generally made from non-glass materials - for less breakage.

  • Due to lower power consumption, numerous strings of lights can be connected end-to-end without overloading a socket.

Enjoy everything this holiday season has to offer & make the switch to LED in 2016!

Have an LED Christmas light display? Post it in the comments below!