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High Bay Prismatic Lighting Keeps Venus Fly Traps Warm in Winter

400W PSMH High Bay for Venus Fly TrapsGrowing and nurturing Venus Fly Trap plants is a delicate balance made more difficult by the cold winters of Upstate New York. Cameron Textor uses a high bay prismatic fixture offered by e-conolight to keep his plants thriving even in the coldest weather.

Venus Fly Trap plants are native to a warm and humid environment, and they require near-constant light for necessary photosynthesis. To make sure his plants have the light they need, Textor places the fly traps under a 38,000 lumen 400 watt PSMH high bay prismatic fixture in the basement of his home.

“The 400 watt metal halide light is required so the plant can do photosynthesis during dormancy in the winter so it won't die,” he explained. “(They) work great for Venus Fly Trap(s) in winter; (they’re) plenty bright enough.”

With a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing, the 400 watt PSMH high bay is built to last so Textor won’t have to worry about his plants not getting the light they need. He installed his high bay on a joist in his basement using a cord and hook accessory kit so he could position the light in exactly the right spot for his Fly Traps.  

Textor said he got interested in Venus Fly Trap plants a few years ago. With the help of the high bay prismatic light, his plants are now three years old and enjoy time outside in the sun when the weather is much more cooperative.