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Infographic: Correlated Color Temperature Comparison | e-conolight

How To Use Correlated Color Temperature

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is a measurement in Kelvin (K) that indicates the color of light an LED emits. Higher Kelvin temperatures result in cooler, blue tones, while lower Kelvin temperatures result in warmer, yellow tones.

How should you choose your LED color temperature? Based on what people generally respond best to:

  • 2700K is soft white in color, friendly and comfortable.
  • 3000K is warm white in color, pleasing and clean. 3000K with a high CRI is suited for interior lighting, such as a home.
  • 4000K is neutral white in color, inviting and balanced.
  • 5000K is cool white in color, bright and crisp. 5000K with a high CRI is suited for outdoor lighting, such as a parking lot.

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