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LEDs Light Up Auction Warehouse

LED canopies at Bentley's Auction in Amarillo, TX

Company leaders at Bentley’s Auction in Amarillo, TX, are working their way through a plan to replace aging light fixtures inside and out with LED canopy lighting. Not only is the legacy lighting failing, but the light output doesn't create a sense of security outside and isn’t what employees need to keep the warehouse organized and merchandise moving.

Outside, LED canopy lights help keep the building perimeter bright for both safety and greater visibility for employees, customers and security patrols. Five of the fixtures are positioned under the soffit at the front doors.

"We use the canopy fixtures outside to make sure the entrance is lit up nicely at night," Cory Bentley, one of the managers of the Amarillo location. "They look great."

Inside, employees are working under LED canopy light fixtures offered by e-conolight in parts of the 80,000 square foot warehouse, which is important to Cory Bentley because not only is the light bright and true, but the long-life of the fixtures means he won’t be on ladders anytime soon to change burned out lamps.

“We run our lights for about 16 hours a day so the old bulbs were burning out more quickly as the fixtures got older,” he said. “I do most of the maintenance around here so not having to change light bulbs is a huge benefit.”

Bentley said there are over 400 250W metal halide fixtures in the warehouse, and he is replacing them as the old ballasts burn out. He said likes LED fixtures like the canopy light not just for the energy efficiency and low maintenance but also because of their low profile.

“I’m looking for low maintenance, long-lasting lights with as many lumens per watt as I can get,” he said. “The canopy lights we’ve installed are bright and not as obtrusive as the old fixtures. They work great.”