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Lighting the U.S. Flag with Proper LED Flagpole Lighting

LED directional floodlight for U.S. flag

American flags dot residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors across the country, and e-conolight offers a variety of LED floodlights and spotlights to show off Old Glory no matter if it’s day or night.

Lighting the U.S. flag is one of the most common uses for floodlights, but there are guidelines. The U.S. Flag Code outlines, for example, the rules for the Pledge of Allegiance, how to show respect for the flag, and the display and use of the flag by civilians. The code went into effect in 1923, but was amended in 1942 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt to include rules for citizens outside of the military and government.

According to the code, the flag should really only be flown between sunrise and sunset on stationary flagstaffs or poles. If the flag is displayed 24 hours a day, it must be lit at all times no matter the direction of the wind.

Benefits of LED Directional Floodlights & LED Spotlights

• Appropriate outdoor fixtures for lighting the American flag after dark
• Provide the bright light required by the flag code
• Half the power consumption of most PSMH and HID floodlights for greater energy cost savings

Choosing Between LED Directional Floodlights & LED Spotlights

There are several important factors that go into lighting a flag, including surrounding ambient light, flagpole height and beam spread.

Ambient light is the general overall light level in any given area. In a well-lit city or neighborhood (high ambient light), a high-output LED Floodlight should be used to counter brighter surroundings. However, in a country or rural setting, with less ambient light, a lower-output LED Floodlight will be equally effective.

Just as ambient light is related to light output, there is a similar correlation between flagpole height, beam spread and light output. Check out our basic guidelines below:

  • 15ʹ poles require a spot beam spread (20˚) and approximately 1600 lumens
  • 20ʹ poles require a spot beam spread (35˚-60˚) and 7200-7700 lumens
  • 25ʹ poles require a spot beam spread (35˚-60˚) and 10,800-27,400 lumens

Additional Considerations when Choosing LED Flagpole Lighting

  • LED lighting provides better color quality, for brighter, truer colors
  • In most residential applications, a single LED Floodlight will be sufficient
  • Flagpole height should be approximately 3 to 4 times the length of the flag
  • Fixtures should be installed approximately 2ʹ to 5ʹ from the base of the flagpole

For the best LED Floodlights & Spotlights to light your flagpole: