Electrician Constructs Replica of High-End Mirror Using LED Lighting Strips

DIY backlit mirror from Marco Desrochers in Rhode IslandDuring a recent hotel stay, Marco Desrochers admired the backlit mirror in the bathroom in his room and thought about how nice it would look in his bathroom back home.

But, the prices he found at various showrooms left him shaking his head, so he did what any DIYer would do: he made his own.

Desrochers was in the middle of a bath remodel so the timing was perfect. He used two strips of LED cable lighting offered by e-conolight and wrapped them around 2x4 studs. For the power supply, Derochers said he ran a pipe in the wall to keep the power supplies under the sink.

“I wanted the power supplies under the sink and out of sight,” he said. “Once that was in place, we installed the Sheetrock™ and attached the mirror with industrial grade Velcro® and epoxy.”

Each LED light strip has a purpose; one brightens to 100 percent when the bathroom lights are on while the second is connected to a dimmer set to 20 percent “for a soft, night light when the main lights are off,” Desrochers added.

Article Written by Don B.

Don is a Product Marketing Manager at Cree Lighting. He focuses on customers’ needs and wants through market research, incorporating their feedback into product features and benefits to bring value back to the consumer. His work on behalf of customers allows their feedback to make a real difference, resulting in a safer environment and a more eco-friendly place to live.