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South Carolina Homebuilder: LED Surface Mount Downlight ‘A Great Light’

Customers looking to upgrade their existing recessed lighting have a new option; the LED surface mount downlight offered by e-conolight.LED Surface Mount Downlight

Not only does the LED surface mount downlight offer tens of thousands of hours of operation, it also features easy installation and the ability to mount it almost anywhere. The LED downlight is UL listed for wet locations, so customers can use it to update lighting in critical areas like both the kitchen and bath, including the shower.

Willis Ponds, a partner at Willis Sinclair Homebuilders in Brays Island, SC, appreciates the downlight’s versatility and sealed design for use in bathroom design.

“This is a great solution for showers because it’s completely sealed,” he said.

The surface mount downlight is a recessed lighting fixture designed to fit into a 4/0 junction box, and, thanks to included torsion springs, it can also be retrofitted for most 5” and 6” recessed housings.

Ponds agrees the design is one of the fixture’s best features.

“The best part about this kit is the ability to install it in a junction box,” he said. “I like this feature because when building a new house, you do not have to worry as much about placing can lights (because) an octagon light box takes up far less space so light placement is much easier.”

Not having a big hole in the ceiling or worrying about a can light protruding above the ceiling is also a plus, Ponds added. Not only is there less trim work and patching, but builders can better insulate around the light box.

Ponds also appreciates the ENERGY STAR® rating, the 13W LED at 3000K, 80 CRI and 800 lumens.

“This fixture gives excellent light, looks good, and is energy efficient,” he said. “This is a great light fixture that I have used several times now and love.”