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LED Recessed and Decorative Sconces

Small LED Floodlights
Small LED Floodlights
Chiropractic office outfits rehab space with e-conolight® 6" LED architectural downlights & decorative sconces

Doctors at Daniels Chiropractic Office, Inc. realized they needed a space in their building where patients could transition from office care to continuing their rehabilitation at home. A vacant space in the basement was chosen and outfitted with 6" LED architectural downlights and LED decorative sconces.

Patients who visit the new rehabilitation center at the Daniels Chiropractic office will learn more about stretching and home-based exercise programs in a new space illuminated by 6" recessed LED can lights and decorative LED wall sconces. The LED cans are spaced evenly along the ceiling tiles at one every fourth square, providing the right amount of light where patients will need it most. A soffit that runs the length of the room to hide HVAC equipment could have presented a dilemma, but decorative LED wall sconces that shine light up and down took care of the issue.

Dr. John Daniels said he likes the quality of the light the fixtures provide for the new space.

"There's a softer tone with these lights that's really nice," he noted. The recessed lights project a warm, white light throughout the space, and fit nicely in the new T-bar ceiling grid. Two decorative sconces brighten up an interior wall where a soffit prevents the installation of additional lights in the ceiling.

"The sconces are perfect with the way they splash light in both directions," Daniels added. "We were concerned about the soffit, but the sconces took care of any worry."

More, Daniels said the practice expects to change traditional light fixtures for LEDs as needed to take full advantage of energy savings.

"As our current lighting fails, we will move to LEDs," he confirmed. "There's just so much energy savings that we are committed to doing that."

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