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Lay-In Troffers Help Employees Get the Job Done

Plans to remodel a vacant building to provide a larger work area for the growing e-conolight team included installing energy efficient LED lighting throughout the new space. Team leaders chose 39W 2 x 2 LED lay-in troffers to create a lighting scheme that provides the bright light employees need.

LED lay-in troffers are energy efficient, last for tens of thousands of hours, and are bright without being overwhelming. E-conolight managers chose the 2 x 2 at 3500K – a warm, white light – and worked with local electrical contractor Gordy Cabush to install the troffers so they illuminate the space without washing out computer screens.

The overall LED troffer design is a plus for installation, maintenance and light distribution.
Each troffer features an enclosed steel housing without sharp edges, and Cabush noted that laying the fixtures into the T-bar grid was quick and simple.

"The troffers are shallow so fitting them into the ceiling grid was fast and simple," he said. "Having the LEDs inside saved time because we didn't have to re-lamp anything."

This design also means cleaner fixtures that only require some dusting; no more time spent cleaning out dead bugs or worrying about drooping lenses.

Cabush also said he likes the quality of light the LED troffers deliver.

"It's a nice, even light without two visible lines of LED like other troffers I've seen," he stated.

He's so impressed, Cabush has recommend-ed LED troffers offered by e-conolight to other customers.

"These give off great light and are reasonably priced," he added.

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