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T5HO 8-Lamp Linear Fluorescent

Small LED Floodlights
Small LED Floodlights
Garage replaces 40 T12 Fluorescents with 12 e-conolight® 8-Lamp Linear Fluorescents

Mechanics at a fleet service garage near the Newark, NJ, airport work in a large space with high ceilings and little natural light. They were unhappy with the quality of light from 40 existing T12 fluorescent lights, so the owner turned to a local electrical contractor to find a cost-effective solution: 8-lamp commercial linear fluorescent fixtures from e-conolight.

Using e-conolight's 8-lamp commercial linear fluorescent fixtures, crews were able to:

  • Reduce the total number of fixtures from 40 to 12
  • Increase the overall energy efficiency of the lighting
  • Increase the quality and brightness of the light; and
  • Save on the cost of the project; the lights are delivered ready for installation so electricians didn't have to waste time opening the units to splice cables.

Employees are now working underneath lamps that provide five times the illumination of the previous lighting scheme.

Because the garage is a 24/7/365 operation, the lights are almost never off. Still, the business owner expects to save about $800 over the course of a year.

Additionally, e-conolight's customer service was consistent about updating the lead electrician Giorgio Garcia on the status of his order so he could meet his deadline with his customer. Because he is also a service provider who prides himself on top-notch customer service, Garcia said he likes to recognize when he's on the receiving end.

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