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LED Outdoor - Wall Packs, Floodlights, Canopy

LED Small Floodlights
Church replaces 12 HID outdoor fixtures with LED

When it was time for St. Sebastian's Parish in Sturtevant, WI to replace their 400W HID outdoor lights, they needed a more cost-effective solution. A parishioner, who is also the owner of a local electrical contracting company, donated 12 LED lights: wall packs, floodlights, small floodlights, directional floodlights and canopy lights. LED bulbs for four additional outdoor fixtures were also included.

At an average 72W per new fixture and bulb, St. Sebastian's could save up to 70% on the church's energy bills. Parish leaders also appreciate the quality of the light, saying it shows off the building's architectural details and provides security at night.

The old HID bulbs provided inefficient lighting and were draining the church's energy budget. The new LED floodlights can be positioned to shine the right amount of light exactly where it's needed. With a long life - up to 50,000 hours - at just 20 to 30 percent of the energy needed for traditional lights, St. Sebastian's won't have to worry about replacement for over 10 years!

In just under 10 hours, Jeff Barth and his crew from Barth Electric had all 12 replacement lights rewired and working.

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