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LED 2x4 Troffers
LED 2x4 Troffers Replace Fluorescents
Replace Fluoresecent Troffers 1-for-1 with LED

After growing tired of replacing increasingly harder-to-find T12 fluorescent components, school officials decided on a pilot installation of 2x4 LED fixtures. The project replaced old T12 prismatic-lensed troffers one-for-one with LED Lay-in Troffers from E-conolight.

The 3-lamp, 34-watt T12 fixtures, each consuming 110 watts, were replaced with LED troffers, each consuming a mere 50 watts–that's less than a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb!

School personnel were impressed by the 72% increase in light levels while using 55% less energy. They're also looking forward to the lack of maintenance costs.

The average light level before installation was 33 footcandles, well under the 50-60 footcandles recommended for a school classroom. The new LED troffers improved the light levels to 57 footcandles–over 70% brighter!

"Installation was a breeze," remarked Scott Martyn, Building and Grounds Supervisor. "No sharp edges, easier to handle than the old fixtures and with the sealed design, I don't have to worry about cleaning out bugs."

With a projected lumen maintenance factor of 91% at 50,000 hours, this means when used 8 hours a day, the LED Troffers will provide bright, beautiful light for over 17 years while only losing 8% of its original lumen output.

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