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  1. New
    Full | Angle
    C-Lite LED Premium Flat Panel with Integrated Emergency Back Up Driver | C-TR-A-FP14-HE-EB Series | 1' x 4' | White
    SKU: C-TR-A-FP14-HE-EB
    Replaces 2 x F32T8
    3250 Lumens
  2. Discontinued
    C-Lite LED Flat Panel | C-TR-A-FP14 Series | 1' x 4' | White
    C-Lite LED Flat Panel | C-TR-A-FP14 Series | 1' x 4' | White
    SKU: C-TR-A-FP14-40L
    Replaces 2 x F17T8
    4000 Lumens
  3. Full front view | Angle
    NICOR® Linear Surface Mount LED Wrap | WPC14 Series | 4-foot | White
    Replaces 2 x F32T8
    4162 Lumens
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