Recessed Lighting fixtures & LED Recessed lighting

Just because lighting is recessed doesn’t mean that great prices should be. In fact, our LED Recessed lighting fixtures are priced better than, well, the last online lighting store you checked. Because we believe that first-class lighting shouldn’t only be for people who fly first-class. That a job-well-done shouldn’t turn into a job-half-done because a screw came loose. We make installations simple, and we make our long warranties even simpler. So you can get to the next job faster, with your wallet intact. Search our best LED Recessed Lighting options today.


We sell a wide variety of recessed LED lighting. Browse through our inventory to select the option that works best for your office, residential, school or retail area. Some of our recessed lighting fixtures are IC and others are non-IC rated, and they can fit both new and retrofit applications using CFLs or incandescent lamps.

Our LED recessed lighting offerings consist of lights with different technologies, power consumption profiles and brightness levels. Most of the recessed LED lighting options we offer are low energy consuming, eco-friendly LED lights replacing incandescent lights. Trims are available in a variety of styles and provide vivid, saturated color to accent any decor. Featuring outstanding styles and performances, our recessed lighting fixtures come with a two to five year limited warranty, depending upon the technology of the fixture.

e-conolight provides a user-friendly, multi-function search tool, allowing shoppers to search on a variety of preferences to locate the perfect lighting solution for their application. You can filter based upon recessed lighting technology, which will greatly narrow the search. The search function can also filter by required incandescent light wattage or size of trim.

If for any reason you are unsure of what the right option is for you, contact the experts at e-conolight. With thousands of satisfied customers and a vast amount of industry experience, we can help you select the option that is best for you. Contact us at any time!