LED Area Light Fixtures

If you’re looking to make a location feel safe and secure, look no further than LED area lights. You’ll find them anywhere from parking lots to walkways to perimeters to residences. And underneath them, you’ll find people who aren’t glancing over their shoulders in concern, due to poor lighting. LED provides bright, crisp light without glare; the beam is steady and consistent, not trailing off the farther from the source, as fluorescents tend to do. As a result, no area is left unlit. And crime levels remain low.

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  1. LED Area Light | E-APE 09 Series | Dark Bronze
    LED Area Light | E-APE 09 Series | Dark Bronze
    SKU: E-APE-S09
    Includes: E-APE09A | E-APE10A
    9200 - 10100 Lumens
  2. LED Flood Light, Side
    LED Bullet Flood Light | E-GL5M Series | Replaces 250W | Medium Distribution
    SKU: E-GL5M
    Replaces 250W MH
    7800 Lumens
  3. LED Flood Light, Front
    LED Bullet Flood Light | E-GL5W Series | Replaces 250W | Wide Distribution
    SKU: E-GL5W
    Replaces 250W MH
    6900 - 7000 Lumens

Area Lights

Many of our area lights are available with a number of different light distribution patterns, letting you customize the shape of light projected, depending on the needs of your project. With these kinds of customizations available, it ensures that all intended areas remain brilliantly lit. It also makes sure you’re not wasting any extra light you don’t need. Not sure which fixtures are the best for your application? Use our lighting layout tool. It literally takes you step by step in determining a fixture’s light output, all in a matter of minutes. Oh, and we’ve also got printable footcandle and reflector guides, to make your job even easier.

Our area fixtures are available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, so you’re bound to find the best fit for your next application. Since many are UL and DLC Premium, which are the highest standards of quality in the LED world, they’re estimated to last over 100,000 hours. Which is up to and possibly over 22 years. Talk about a sound investment, huh? Browse below and let us know if you have any questions.