Outdoor Dusk to Dawn LED Lighting

Dusk to dawn outdoor lighting, also called LED barn lights, are a perfect way to increase security around a building’s perimeter. Dusk to dawn light sensors automatically turn off and on at sunrise and sunset, they save your client energy costs without them lifting a finger. Or flicking a switch. Or thinking at all, really. Put these dusk to dawn outdoor lights at any entry point. Or use them for yard and dock illumination. Either way, like most types of outdoor lighting, they’re bound to keep away anyone your client doesn’t want being there.

Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Lighting

All our dusk to dawns outdoor lights are certified for quality by third parties, like UL, ETL, and DLC. Not many online retailers carry these certifications. Why? Because their products haven’t been properly tested. Which is a big reason why fixtures end up failing and costing you time and money you don’t have. Since our luminaires have passed all quality tests, they’re certain to work for the 50,000 hours they’re promised to, without any hiccups. Even so, because we stand by our products, we still offer a 5-year warranty, in the rare event something does happen. Least we could do, right?

Need even more information about a product? After you click on each, look under the “Guides & Info” section. You’ll find a downloadable instruction manual to take out all the guesswork, plus a downloadable spec sheet with more specific information. And, of course, if you have any questions, we have lighting experts at your literal call. They can help with anything from installation issues to questions about your order. Call them today at 1-888-243-9445.

What is a dusk to dawn outdoor light?

A dusk to dawn light carries a small photocell light sensor that automatically turns on when ambient light levels are low and off when light levels are high. For this reason, you want to make sure that your dawn to dawn is not exposed to any other lights, or else it may turn off, thinking it’s daytime when it’s actually night. Dusk to dawn lights are typically found in barns, driveways, sheds, yards, and garages.

Can the photocell be bypassed?

We don’t recommend rewiring the fixture, but we do recommend using a shorting cap in place of the photocell. The shorting cap will complete the circuit, and the fixture will operate as long as there is power provided.

Will this fixture fit my existing pipe?

Our dusk to dawns will fit on pipes between 1-5/8” (1.625”) and 1-3/4” (1.75”). They're also able to be mounted directly to a wall, if desired. If you'd like to keep the fixture off the wall or mounted to a round pole and no arm exists, check out our arm accessory.

Can you add a dusk to dawn light sensor to outdoor lights?

Yes. One way is to buy a dusk to dawn sensor bulb. Just take out your existing bulb within the fixture and replace it with the sensor bulbs.