LED & Battery Backup Exit Signs

Take a look at our LED Exit signs, guaranteed not to fail in any urgent situation. Let’s face it; this might be one of your most important lighting purchases. So it’s a good thing you’re here. Shop our UL/ETL listed exit signs today.

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  1. New York E-X2XS Series | e-conolight
    LED Exit Sign | E-X2X Series | Single or Double Face | Battery Backup | White
    New York City Approved
    8-inch Red Letters
  2. NY E-X2X | e-conolight
    LED Exit Sign | E-X2X Series | Single or Double Face | AC only
    SKU: E-X2XS2EW
    New York City Approved
    8-inch Red Letters

LED Exit Lights

Our exit lights are UL listed. Which means they’ve passed a series of tests designed to make sure they’re quality products. A recent contractor survey found that the number one thing contractors look for when buying an LED product is quality. Which makes sense. Why would you want to waste your money on something that hasn’t been quality test and could very likely fail at any given moment? Not here. Not only have our exit signs passed numerous tests, they’ve also got a 5-year warranty, in the off-chance that something unexpected happens. Keyword: off-chance.

A lot of our exit signs also come as an emergency light combo, and you can choose between either red or green lettering. Be sure to check your state’s building codes, though, because some states do require certain colors. New York and Chicago, for example, require red. Other states are fine with either red or green, but actually have a recommended color. Contrary to popular belief, exit signs aren’t actually battery-powered. Instead, they’re equipped with a battery backup that powers up the exit sign when the electricity goes out. But, for it to work, you’ll need to hardwire it to your building’s external power source. It’ll last you for about 90 minutes, with a re-charge time of about 24 hours.

Got more questions? We’ve got way more answers. Call us at 1-888-243-9445; we’re here to help.

We offer a variety of LED Exit lighting to fit the needs of your home or business. Able to ordered as a combo with emergency lighting, they're ideal for indoor commercial, retail and industrial applications. Need a unit for the exterior of a building? Some products above are UL Listed for wet and damp locations and include both a push-to-test switch and 90 minutes of battery backup, in case of a power failure or outage. These guys are designed to last, making safer buildings for years to come. With light professionals standing by to help answer any of your questions, we provide everything you need for a successful layout.