2x2 Flat Panels

If you’re looking for a great 2x2 LED flat panel, you’ve come to the right page. They’re perfect for offices, schools, retail, hospitals, and anywhere your client would like to help improve mood, increase alertness, and reduce eye strain. Thanks to their high CRI, items in a convenience or grocery store, for example, can be seen much crisper and clearer, with uniform light shining from top to bottom shelves. This can play a huge role in customer perception and even has been proven to increase retail sales by up to 30%. Take a look at the miracle-workers below; we’re here with any questions you have. You can reach our lighting experts at 1-888-243-9445. Oh, and if you need other sizes, check out our general flat panel page right here. Or our 2x4 flat panel page here.

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  1. NY E-X2X | e-conolight
    LED Exit Sign | E-X2X Series | Single or Double Face | AC only
    SKU: E-X2XS2EW
    New York City Approved
    8-inch Red Letters
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