Flat Panel LED Lights

LED Flat Panel Lights are the perfect energy-efficient indoor lighting. substitution for traditional linear fluorescents in offices, commercial and industrial buildings, educational institutions, and retail. Flat panels, in general, are mostly edge-lit, which makes them incredibly thin, allowing them to work very well in shallow plenum spaces. Many come DLC standard or premium, which means they qualify for money-saving rebates. They’re also rated for nearly 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, which means your time (and your customers’) can be put towards things that don’t involve maintenance. Need a 5-year warranty? They’ve got those too.

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LED Flat Panel Fixtures

Employers love LED flat panel fixtures because their crisp and even white light can help boost productivity by reducing headaches and eye strain. You will love them because they don’t cost ten arms and a leg.

Flat panels can be either edge lit or direct lit. In a direct lit flat panel, the light source emits directly from the back of the panel. They're typically a bit thicker, at 3 to 4 inches. Edge lit flat panels, however, illuminate from the sides of the panel.

Since they’re easy to clean and maintain, you’ll find them in places like fast food restaurants, hospitals, and convenience stores. Their light is distributed widely, rather than focused, so they tend to be a tad easier on the eyes than their traditional fluorescent counterparts.

LED flat panels can help ease common ailments that employees under fluorescent lights tend to experience. This includes headaches, eye strain, neck pains, and lack of focus. Which is another reason why you’ll find these fixtures in places like hospitals, waiting rooms and even operating rooms. LED lighting can help calm nerves and provide a more soothing environment for patients, visitors, doctors, and staff.

Convenience and grocery stores also rely on flat panel lights to make everything underneath them look their best. Why, you ask? They often have a high CRI, which makes the colors of everything on those shelves pop, in even and clear light. The result? Potentially more money for your customer. Not to mention, inviting, bright light helps make a store look much more welcoming at night, which tends to attract more customers.

Need a 2x2 flat panel fixture? How about a 1x4? A 2x4? We’ve got them all. And since we like options as much as you do, you can also choose from Architectural, Edgelit, Flat Lens, and Mount Wrap flat panels. Shop away and contact us with your questions. We like answering those.