High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights are the perfect energy-efficient indoor lighting solution for places with high ceilings, like warehouses, gyms, barns, and supermarkets.

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  1. New
    Angled Right Side View
    NaturaLED® LED Flood Light | LED-FXFDL10 Series | 1100-1284 Lumens | Black
    Replaces 50W MH
    1100-1284 Lumens
  2. New
    Angled Left Side View
    NaturaLED® LED Flood Light | LED-FXFDL20 Series | 2437 Lumens | 5000K | Black
    Replaces 70W MH
    2437 Lumens
  3. New
    Full View | Side Angle
    NICOR® LED SureFit Ultra Slim Downlight | White
    SKU: DLF20120
    Replaces 60W Incandescent
    674-713 Lumens
  4. New
    Angled Left View
    NaturaLED® LED Flood Light | LED-FXFDL27 Series | 3499 Lumens | 5000K | Black
    Replaces 100W PSMH
    3499 Lumens
  5. New
    Angled Left Side View
    NaturaLED® LED Flood Light | LED-FXFDL48 Series | 6153 Lumens | 5000K | Black
    Replaces 150W PSMH
    6153 Lumens
  6. New
    Full View
    NaturaLED® LED Temporary Work Light | LED60TL Series | 6600 Lumens | Yellow
    SKU: LED60TL/FR66/850
    Replaces 150-175W HID
    6600 Lumens
  7. New
    Full front view | Angle
    NICOR® Area Light | OAL1060 Series | 8143-8545 Lumens | Medium Bronze
    SKU: OAL1060
    Limited Quantity
    Replaces 150 PSMH
    8143-8545 Lumens
  8. New
    Full front view | Angle
    NICOR® Area Light w/ 8-inch Adjustable Arm | OAL1060 Series | 8545 Lumens | 5000K | Medium Bronze
    SKU: OAL1060MV50BZ3J
    Limited Quantity
    Replaces 150 PSMH
    8545 Lumens
  9. New
    Full front view | Angle
    NICOR® Area Light w/ 8-inch Adjustable Arm | OAL1060 Series | 8545 Lumens | 5000K | White
    SKU: OAL1060MV50WH3J
    Limited Quantity
    Replaces 150 PSMH
    8545 Lumens
  10. New
    Full front view | Angle
    NICOR® Area Light | OAL1100 Series | 12,529-13,143 Lumens
    SKU: OAL1100
    Limited Quantity
    Replaces 250 PSMH
    12,529-13,143 Lumens

LED High Bay Lighting

Why you’ll love them: They install like a breeze. They’re reasonably priced. And since our high bay lighting has all been quality tested, you won’t have to waste your time or money replacing them. Just look for the UL and DLC badges on each product page – these are your guarantees that they’re built to last. Over 100,000 hours, to be exact. And that’s not even counting the 5-year warranties.

Why your client will love them: Our durable LED high bays give off uniform and clear light that’s glare-free. Many are suitable for damp locations, which makes them a one-size-fits-all solution. They also save a ton of money on electric costs, reducing energy consumption by up to 85%.

In fact, did you know that if you convert a 400-watt metal halide high bay to a 324-watt fluorescent, you’ll get a 19% energy savings? And that if you convert that same metal halide to an LED high bay, that number skyrockets to 65%, with three times the life expectancy? Seriously. Read all about it in our blog. Either way, warehouses and retail stores will be thanking you. Not only do LED high bays save tons of money, but they also have a high CRI, which means they bring out the true colors of everything underneath them.

Choose from LED linear high bays, round, or even Premium NICOR®. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

With years of experience and tens of thousands of customers, we can guarantee the best quality LED high bay lights. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, they're versatile and suited to satisfy most all long-term lighting needs.

Within our large selection of options, you'll find the perfect solution for your warehouse, retail store, hotel, restaurant or any other type of business that needs indoor lighting for bigger areas.

The size, construction and lighting options are numerous. Whatever your needs, just select the technology, type, replacement, light output or reflector and lens and you can easily make even more specified searches.

Each option differs depending on the housing, lens assembly and mounting. You can choose a fixture with the perfect amount of lumens and aluminum heat sink and housing. There are many steel housing options available, plus UV-stabilized powder coat finishes, aluminum heat sink & housing.

We guarantee durability and quality. That’s why, you'll receive a five-year limited warranty.

Still having doubts about which option is best for your needs and area? Contact us. We can help you find the best lighting option!