High Bay LED Lights

LED high bay lights are the perfect energy-efficient indoor lighting solution for industrial and commercial locations with high ceilings, like warehouses, gyms, barns, and supermarkets. No matter the reflector type (aluminum, prismatic, clear lens) High bay LED lights offer broad light distribution for these large areas, without any mercury or UV emittance.

Why you’ll love them: They install like a breeze. They’re reasonably priced. And since our high bay lighting has all been quality tested, you won’t have to waste your time or money replacing them. Just look for the UL and DLC badges on each product page – these are your guarantees that they’re built to last. Over 100,000 hours, to be exact. And that’s not even counting the 5-year warranties.

Why your client will love them: Our durable LED high bays give off uniform and clear light that’s glare-free, which is essential for industrial and commercial environments. Many are suitable for damp locations, which makes them a one-size-fits-all solution. They also save a ton of money on electric costs, reducing energy consumption by up to 85%.

What’s the difference between high bay and low bay lights?

High bays lights are typically used in ceilings ranging from 20-40 feet above the floor, such as in warehouses and industrial applications. Low bays, however, are used for ceilings less than 20 feet above the floor, like in retail operations, grocery stores, and workshops. Low bays typically use less lumen output since they’re closer to the ground, whereas high bay use more lumens since they’re higher up and need to compensate to reach all necessary areas and eliminate shadows. And keep in mind, the angle of the reflector lens depends on the placement and height of the light.

LED High Bay Lighting for Commercial & Industrial Locations

Converting a 400-watt metal halide high bay to a 324-watt fluorescent can provide as much as 19% on energy savings. If metal halide is converted to an LED high bay, that number increases to 65%, with three times the life expectancy. Not only do LED high bays save money, but they also have a high CRI, bringing out the true colors of everything underneath their rays.

Choose from LED linear high bays, round, or even Premium NICOR®. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

With years of experience and tens of thousands of customers, we can guarantee the best quality LED high bay lights. Within our large selection of options, you'll find the perfect solution for your warehouse, auto body shop, machine shop, factory, gymnasium, or any other type of business with higher ceilings and lighting that covers larger, broader areas.

Each option differs depending on the housing, lens assembly and mounting. You can choose a fixture with the perfect amount of lumens and aluminum heat sink and housing. There are many steel housing options available, plus UV-stabilized powder coat finishes, aluminum heat sink & housing.

Choose from LED linear high bays, round, or Premium NICOR®. Give us a call and let us know how we can help. We guarantee durability and quality. That’s why you'll receive a five-year limited warranty.

What are high bay LED lights?

High Bay LED Lights produce a bright, even light that won’t fade over time. They feature a 50% energy savings over linear fluorescent high bays and 60% compared to metal halides. High bays cast directional light right where you need it, making it so you don’t have to buy multiple fixtures to get the job done. You’ll find high bay led shoplights in warehouses, garages, and retail stores, to name a few places.

How many LED high bay lights do I need?

We recommend using our indoor lighting layout tool. It models a fixture’s light output in a custom-sized room. It’ll tell you the number of fixtures you’ll need to reach whatever level of illumination you’re going for.

Where are high bay led lights used?

High Bay LED lights are used in factories, warehouses, airport hangars, municipal facilities, and school/university gymnasiums.

What are the different types of high bay LED lights?

Different types of high bay LED lights include metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS), fluorescent, and LED.

How do you wire LED high bay lights?

If using a chain, disconnect the power supply. Loosen the screws on the junction box to open the cover and retrieve the wires. Connect black wire to the live wire, the white wire to the neutral wire, and the green wire to the ground.

How high do high bay lights need to be?

You can figure out how high your high bay lights need to be by looking at the number of lumens they deliver. In general:

22,000 to 35,000 lumens = 20-30 feet
35,000 to 47,000 lumens = 31 – 40 feet
47,000+ lumens = 40+ feet

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the distance to keep between high bays you install. For example, if you have a 10 feet ceiling, you’ll want to keep high bays 12-15 feet apart. More suggestions:

20-foot ceiling = 15-19 feet apart
30-foot ceiling = 19-29 feet apart
40-foot ceiling = 30-40 feet apart

Still having doubts about which option is best for your needs and area? Contact us. We can help you find the best lighting option!