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The best way to not buy LED lamps at high prices is to buy them at low prices. Just like the best way to not suffer through bad indoor lighting experiences is to use good products. Good news: you've come to the right website. Oh, and if you need traditional lamps, we’ve got those too. Not to mention, C-Lite T8 LED Tube Lights. All with nice, long warranties, of course. Because around here, high quality doesn’t mean high dollar. So, sit back and browse our full selection. Welcome to a better way of lighting.

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    T5HO 54W Lamp, 4100K
    T5HO Lamp | 54W | 4100K | 40-Pack
    Special Price $44.99
    $1.12 EACH, PACK OF 40
    SKU: LF54T5841-C
    Note: This item may not be shipped into the state of Washington.