LED Light Strips

Need to warm up that interior? Browse through our LED Strip Lights. And since we know everyone needs a little flexibility, buy the components you need individually, or choose from one of our starter kits that has everything you'll need for your install. Don’t be alarmed by knock-out prices; they aren’t typos. Neither are our worry-free warranties. And did we mention you’ll install these faster than it took to throw your old indoor lighting in the trash? Welcome to things done right.

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  1. Extension Kit | e-conolight
    econoLED® 5-foot Flexible Cable Extension Kit | E-EA Series
    SKU: E-EAE05
  2. Extension Kit | e-conolight
    econoLED® 15-foot Flexible Cable Extension Kit | E-EA Series
    SKU: E-EAE15

Flexible Cable Strip

Create impressive interior décor with our multiple flexible cable strip options. LED lights can create an astounding visual appearance when used in the right way. Achieve this visual experience through the amazing features of our fixtures. From low and medium output, to remarkable high output, we have everything you need to make any room, area, station, lobby, spa, restaurant or store look bright, warm and impressive. Choose among a variety of options for both residential and commercial areas.

At e-conolight, we care about the versatility of our products, so be sure to explore our wide range of solutions. From flexible cables with 10’ LED output lighting strip to stunning 50' econoLED® soft output, we have something to fit any budget, goal and need. Besides the variation of output, there is also variation in jumper cables, connectors, end caps, splitters and power supplies. Just use our filtering option to begin a more customized search.

Each of our options comes neatly packaged with detailed instructions on how to assemble and use. The instruction manuals are also available online to ensure that you are able to install everything correctly.

If you are about to order and are still having doubts about a certain detail regarding a specific product, we are available to answer any questions. Also, if you are still having doubts regarding which option to choose, contact us! We are ready to put our years of experience in the field to work for you.