Switches, Dimmers and WiFi Controllers for LED Lighting

Just when you thought you hit your max energy savings, we busted through that barrier—or at least the collective jaw-drops of nonbelievers—with our controls: dimmers, switches, and occupancy sensors. Sure, you could save at least 50% energy by using LED indoor lights vs. traditional, but why stop there? We couldn’t think of a good reason, so we didn’t.

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LED Controls

Our new controls are smart. Real smart. Install one in and bam. Your lighting, and costs, turn off after everyone’s left the area. And, since we like options as much as you do, dim your lumens to the perfect output for every situation. Oh, and we also like to be code-compliant, so all our controls are.

Save more than ever by pairing our new controls with: Downlights, Surface Mounts, Troffers, Flat Panels, and Various High & Low Bays.