LED Dusk to Dawn LED Lights

We know you don't have time to search for the perfect LED Dusk to Dawn lights, so we found them for you. Plus, our LED lights are so quick to install you’ll barely remember doing it. That means more time for your next customer and less time for headaches. Even better, our prices are (dare we say it?) reasonable. And our 5-year warranty is (dare we say it?) pretty darn competitive. So browse around and find the next Dusk to Dawn LED for your next job. And the one after that.

Dusk to Dawn

If you are looking for highly reliable dusk to dawn lights, e-conolight has the highest quality products available. The majority of LED security lights we manufacture last for thousands of hours, providing years of safety and security in both residential and commercial buildings. These lights are generally utilized in yards, parking lots, service roads and building perimeters, just to name a few. Read More

We offer multiple options when it comes to dusk to dawn lights relative to technology used, power consumption and lumens produced. Every LED dusk to dawn fixture comes with a polycarbonate lens that provides symmetrical distribution, ensuring that your lighting source is as effective as it is energy-efficient. They can be mounted directly or with the included mounting arm. Having a dusk to dawn LED light heightens security, making these products ideal for general outdoor areas, yard and dock illumination. Because we believe in the value and quality of these lights, we offer a five-year limited warranty.

Finding the solution that provides proper dusk to dawn security can prove to be a challenge; however, there are a few specifications that can help you narrow your search and select the right option. Our light options vary in power consumption, and feature different technologies with different lumens, which means they will vary in power and brightness. Determining your requirements for these factors should make it easier to determine which LED security light you need.

In case you are unsure about your options, you can always ask us. With years of experience and thousands of customers satisfied with our help and our products, we are more than capable of assisting you in making the correct choice for your application. Contact e-conolight to get the best advice and make the right choice for your dusk to dawn lighting solution.

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