Outdoor LED Light Poles & Bullhorn Mounts

Imagine a world where your LED Light Poles and Bullhorns install themselves. That world doesn’t exist. But in the meantime, you can count on easy installations, which are pretty much the next best thing. Choose from square or round poles for parking lots, street lights, or flood lights, all at pinch-yourself prices. Shop our full selection today.

Poles and Bullhorns

e-conolight offers steel and aluminum light poles in a variety of sizes to fit any exterior lighting scheme. Variations include round and square light poles that can be used for parking lots, street lights, floodlights, or as outdoor light posts for small applications. A standard, full-base cover, made of ABS plastic, is included with each light pole. Additionally, our double, triple and quad bullhorn pole mounting brackets offer greater versatility and allow for extension of a light pole resulting in greater lighting effectiveness. The positioning of a light fixture can be manipulated to illuminate multiple areas from the top of a single light pole. Use the configuration below or scroll through our vast product selection to find the light pole or bullhorn mount to best fit your outdoor lighting scheme.