LED Wall Packs Keep Peace with Neighbors

LED wall packs offeredy by e-conolight focus light down – where it’s needed – instead of producing glare, helping homeowners in Houston, TX, keep the peace.

LED wall packs for residential use

“What I like best about this fixture is the light distribution,” he said. “The light goes down to the area where you want it, not up into your eyes, creating glare or light pollution.”

The lack of glare matters in residential applications because neighbors appreciate not having light from next door shining into their yard, Weissman added.

LED wall packs offered by e-conolight provide up to tens of thousands of hours of virtually maintenance-free use, bright light where it’s needed most, and significant energy cost savings. Wall packs range from a 1,300 lumen/27 watt fixture to a 6,000 lumen/73 watt light, and they are designed for security, pathway, and perimeter lighting where spill light is important.