LED Warehouse Lighting Fixtures | e-conolight

From highlighting small details at individual work stations, to illuminating an entire warehouse, industrial LED lighting from e-conolight can help improve productivity up to 5%. Along with increasing productivity, LED products can make for a more comfortable workplace by emitting less heat than traditional products. With these added benefits, e-conolight's warehouse lighting fixtures can help reduce costs and provide a safe working environment for employees.

Lighting A Warehouse

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High Bays
Featuring over 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, e-conolight LED high bays offer uniform lighting that emits no heat, which means less cooling costs for a facility. Install these in any large, open area with high ceilings.
Using 50% less energy, LED wall packs enhance the safety of your warehouse/industrial facility perimeter by offering directional, crisp light along your walkways. They also keep operations running smoothly by increasing visibility at loading bays and docks.
LED area lighting provides evenly distributed light across your parking lot, increasing the safety of those underneath them. Brighter light helps security staff monitor incoming traffic, plus read license plates or any forms of identification.
Maintenance-free and easy to install in your back-of-house offices, e-conolight LED flat panels provide smooth and even light from inside a low-profile design. Productivity increases, while energy costs plummet by as much as 80%.
Improve your facility scheduling, planning, and general operations management with LED Downlights. Ideal for back-of-house offices and meeting rooms, downlights emit crisp white light that reduces eye strain and headaches, enhancing productivity and reducing energy costs by as much as 85%.
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