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LED wall packs are perfect for illuminating pathways and perimeters, giving pedestrians a greater sense of security around commercial locations, educational institutions, or residences. And whether you’re looking for a traditional non-cut off, high-output, fixed-cutoff, architectural, decorative, or adjustable LED wall pack, we’ve got them all. Each wall pack light is so easy to install that you might forget you did it. And, once your client’s electric bill rolls in, they might even forget how high it was before you switched them to LED.

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    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack
    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack | CCT & Wattage Selectable | C-WP-C-RDC Series | Up to 6000 Lumens | Dark Bronze
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    Replaces 175W MH
    Up to 6000 Lumens
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    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack
    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack | C-WP-B-RDC Series | 144W | 4000K | Dark Bronze
    Your Price $169.97 $189.99
    SKU: C-WP-B-RDC-20L-40K-DB
    Replaces 400W PSMH
    20,900 Lumens
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    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack
    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack | C-WP-B-RDC Series | 77W | 4000K | Dark Bronze
    Your Price $79.97 $99.97
    SKU: C-WP-B-RDC-10L-40K-DB
    Replaces 250W PSMH
    10,600 Lumens
    No returns - Final Sale item
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    E-WRC LED Wall Pack - Right
    savr® Cutoff LED Wall Pack | E-WRC Series | 28W | CCT Selectable | Up to 3600 Lumens | Medium Bronze
    Your Price $59.97 $69.97
    SKU: E-WRC03A-F345BZ
    Replaces 100W PSMH
    Up to 3600 Lumens
    No returns - Final Sale item
  5. C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack w/ Integrated Photocell
    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack w/ Integrated Photocell | CCT & Wattage Selectable | C-WP-A-ACWP Series | Up to 16,700 Lumens | Bronze
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    Replaces 400W MH
    Up to 16,700 Lumens
  6. C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack
    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack | CCT & Wattage Selectable | C-WP-C-RDC Series | Up to 3300 Lumens | Dark Bronze
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    Replaces 100W PSMH
    Up to 3300 Lumens
  7. C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack
    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack | CCT & Wattage Selectable | C-WP-C-RDC Series | Up to 10,000 Lumens | Dark Bronze
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    Replaces 250W PSMH
    Up to 10,000 Lumens
  8. C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack
    C-Lite Cutoff LED Wall Pack | CCT & Wattage Selectable | C-WP-C-RDC Series | Up to 16,000 Lumens | Dark Bronze
    Your Price $139.99 $149.99
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    Replaces 400W MH
    Up to 16,000 Lumens

LED Wall Pack Lights

You’ll find that many of our wall pack lights are either UL or DLC listed, meaning they’ve been tested by some of the best independent safety companies in the world, in order to ensure you get the best quality possible. That means that when we say they’ll last over 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, we mean it.

You’ll also get a 5-year warranty on each fixture. We doubt you’ll have to use it, but in the unlikely event that something does happen, know that we’ve got you covered.

Need it fast? No sweat. All in-stock orders placed by Noon CT ship same day. Not sure what you need? We have free lighting experts for that. Not only can they help you pick out the best fixture for your application, but they can help you with your lighting layout, or with questions about your order. Give them a ring at 1-888-243-9445. And, if you’re feeling adventurous (or if you just feel like making your job easier), check out our lighting layout tool. It helps you create a custom layout in minutes. In short, we recommend it.

Oh, and if you're looking for flood lights, we have plenty of UL/ETL listed options to choose from, too.

For lighting your backyard or property, pick any of the LED wall pack options offered on our website. In fact, it's one of the most dependable lights for twilight and night illumination. Their usage can also extend to the house and building exteriors. And guess what? We've got a ton of options for you, so you're certain to find the perfect fit for your next application.

Search filters are your friend; you can easily narrow your options to determine the ideal lighting solution. To find the design that’s best, filter your search by technology, replacements, light output, power consumption, and any of the subcategories. There are small and large models with a range of replacements, lighting options, housing and lens assembly methods, plus various typical mounting heights. For each fixture, you'll find accessories, specifications and guides. Feel free to contact us with any questions. There's a 100% chance we'll have answers.

Since all our lighting is fully quality tested before ever hitting your doorstep, we guarantee our wall pack lights with a five-year limited warranty.

Not sure which option to choose? Just contact us. We are experienced lighting experts, ready and willing to help you get the best value and quality for your lighting needs. Let’s find the perfect lighting solution, together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wall pack light?

An LED wall pack light is usually mounted on the outside walls of buildings. Its bright and crisp light illuminating the area around it, helping to increase security and provide a sense of safety for pedestrians. LED wall packs last much longer than their traditional fluorescent counterparts, lasting at least 100,000 hours, without any maintenance required. This means that facilities managers won’t have to use up precious space stocking replacements, nor will they have to spend time relamping. In warehouse operations, wall packs are great at increasing visibility at loading bays and docks, helping everything run more smoothly. Choose from a variety of wall packs, depending on your needs: non-cutoff, full-cutoff, traditional, architectural, premium…the list goes on, and we’ve got all of them. Shop our wide selection of LED wall packs today.

Why switch to LED Wall Packs?

For starters, you’ll save your client up to 70% on energy savings. They also last up to 100,000 hours maintenance-free, which means you won’t have to spend extra time replacing them for a long time. LED lighting is also brighter and more even than traditional lighting, eliminating hot spots and glare, as well as evenly illuminating parking lots and perimeters. They’re criminals’ worst nightmare. And for good reason.

Why use commercial LED wall lights in a warehouse?

Since warehouses operate non-stop, it’s important to use reliable lighting that won’t fail over a long period of time. Having LED wall packs on hand eliminates the need to stock extra replacement lighting, as they last for years. Operations managers also won’t need to worry arranging time for relamping. Instead, workers remain productive. Outside, LED wall packs can shine brighter light on loading bays and docks, helping workers improve their vision at night. They can also help security personnel better monitor incoming traffic, illuminating forms of identification, like IDs or license plates.

Why use LED Wall Pack Lighting in educational institutions?

Increased safety for students and faculty. LED wall packs evenly illuminate university grounds, which bodes well for students out for a late-night study session, or even for professors staying late to provide students with extra one-on-one help. LED wall pack lights feature a 70+ CRI that brings out the true colors of everything underneath them, increasing feelings of security.

Can I use LED Wall Packs to light an office?

Yes. Especially at locations where fluorescents are still being used. With more traditional light sources, lumen output decreases over time, leaving dark spots in sensitive areas like parking lots. With LED, however, light remains bright and consistent, from the source all the way out to the ends of the light rays. This makes it so much easier for security to identify any kind of questionable activity. Especially because many employees work late.

Do LED Wall Packs come with photocells?

Yes, they can. These energy-efficient lights automatically turn on at night and turn off in the morning, when ambient light levels are ideal. These can be used anywhere, including parking garages, parking lots, and around perimeters.

What kind of LED wall fixtures are there?

Non-Cutoff - up-light is allowed.

Full-cutoff - must have no uplight.

Fixed-cutoff - reduces light pollution with a glare shield that stays in place.

Traditional - looks like old HID wall packs.

Architectural - features a sleek design that’s perfect for applications where aesthetics are important.

High output - can deliver 21,000 lumens or more.

Premium - meets requirements set by DLC.

What color temperatures are LED Wall Packs available in?

3000K, 4000K, and 5000K.

3000K - warm, soft light that’s typically found in residential applications.

4000K - natural white light that’s similar to moonlight. It gives off blueish, cool hues.

5000K - most similar to daylight. It’s energizing and is great for task lighting or any application where you’d need to see a high level of detail.