Residential Track Lighting

These light fixtures are great for adding that extra oomph to homes and even hotel lobbies. And to add more oomph, we’ve made them available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K in 80 CRI, so the items you're featuring underneath them look their best.

35 items found
  1. Monopoint Mounting | Black
    Monopoint Mounting | Black
    SKU: E-KC100K
  2. Monopoint Mounting | White
    Monopoint Mounting | White
    SKU: E-KC100W
  3. Outlet Box Cover | Black
    Outlet Box Cover | Black
    SKU: E-KC31K
  4. Pendant Adaptor | Black
    Pendant Adaptor | Black
    SKU: E-KC122K
  5. Flush Tile T-Bar Attachment Clips | 1-inch
    Flush Tile T-Bar Attachment Clips | 1-inch
    SKU: E-KC123