Lighting Layout Calculator Tool - Indoor & Outdoor

Contractors interested in creating accurate bid packages can take advantage of free applications assistance with the lighting layout tools offered at Through the user-friendly indoor and outdoor layout tools, you can easily model a fixture's light output or create a custom layout in just minutes.

Printable FootCandle & Reflectance Guides

  • Lighting Applications Guidelines: INDOOR
  • Lighting Applications Guidelines: OUTDOOR
  • Lighting Applications Guidelines: REFLECTANCE

For indoor applications, the lighting calculator allows customers to control the size of the room, including the ceiling height; enter the desired foot candles; choose the layout of rows, columns and wall spacing; and provides a printed detailed summary at the end.

Customers can configure the right light for an outdoor application– also with a printed summary – by defining how they envision laying out rows, mounting height, orientation and tilt; adding new fixtures or changing location by clicking and dragging; and setting the preferred units such as “feet” and “foot candle.” First time visitors will appreciate the attention to detail and are encouraged to click on every input section from top to bottom. Once customers become familiar with the operation of the lighting layout tool, steps can be skipped according to the needs of the project for results in seconds.