Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Layout Tools

Lighting layouts should be easy... so we've made it that way. Through this user-friendly tool, you can easily model a fixture's light output or create a custom layout in just minutes!

Indoor Lighting Layout Tool

  • Model a fixture's light output in a custom-sized room
  • Calculate the number & layout of fixtures needed to reach a target level of illumination
  • Generate a clean, detailed & printable summary

Step-by-step Guides

Indoor Calculator

Outdoor Lighting Layout Tool

  • Model a fixture’s light output based on mounting height, orientation, placement & tilt
  • Create a photometric layout for the selected fixture
  • Generate a clean, detailed & printable summary

Step-by-step Guides

Outdoor Calculator

Printable FootCandle & Reflectance Guides

  • Lighting Applications Guidelines: INDOOR
  • Lighting Applications Guidelines: OUTDOOR
  • Lighting Applications Guidelines: REFLECTANCE

Additional Information & System Requirements

When the tool opens, click on the desired input tab to open that section. Typically, for first time visitors, go through the input sections top to bottom. Once familiar with the tool operation, you can skip many of the input items and get results in seconds. The tool will compute instantly when it has enough data.

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System Requirements

Browser Compatibility - Compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (rv 1.7.5) and Opera. Netscape and Mozilla 1.7 do not provide the javascript / Flash capabilities required by the Flash Tools.